New Employees definition

New Employees means Employees of a new or expanding business who are employed in Arizona by an Employer in Net New Jobs following submission of a Program grant application.
New Employees has the meaning set forth in Section 14.6.
New Employees means those new employees recruited by the SERVICE PROVIDER after the commencement of the Ordered IT Solutions by the SERVICE PROVIDER with the intention for those employees to work wholly or mainly on the provision of the Ordered IT Solutions and “New Employee” means any one of them.

Examples of New Employees in a sentence

  • New Employees who have or will have access to HHS Information systems or data: Provide the name, position title, e-mail address, and phone number of the new employee.

  • New Employees must transfer, at their expense, their Employee Securities Account(s) to a Morgan Stanley Broker as soon as practical (generally within 30 days of becoming a Covered Person).

  • In order to receive approval, employees must complete and submit to the Ethics Office the Private Placement/Volcker Covered Funds Request Form, which can be found on MySource or may be obtained by sending an email to PST Private Placements mailbox at· New Employees – Any new hire who directly or indirectly (through an immediate family member) holds an investment in a Volcker Covered Fund must receive permission to continue to hold that investment.

  • The purpose of this agreement is to memorialize the rights and obligations of the City and the Union in accordance with CA Government Code Sections 3555-3559, through the creation of a single, City-wide Union Access to New Employees Program applicable to all City Agencies and all City Employee Unions.

  • New Employees are required to disclose all outside business affiliations to their Business Manager upon joining the firm.

More Definitions of New Employees

New Employees. The School Corporation shall offer health and life once at the time of employment. Each teacher must apply for insurance (life and/or health) within thirty (30) days of date of hire as a regular teacher. Each teacher who applies for insurance after thirty (30) days must show evidence of insurability subject to the approval of the insurance company.
New Employees means all individuals with conditional offers on or after the effective date for any position with the College including part-time, full-time, or temporary employment; both instructional and non-instructional. This also includes former employees being rehired who have not been employed by the College in the past twelve months.
New Employees those employees engaged by WEPCo and/or any Partnering Subcontractor to provide the Partnering Services (excluding for the avoidance of doubt any Transferring Employees) who will be working alongside the Transferring Employees;
New Employees means employees whose employment transfers to the Contractor (or a Employing Sub-Contractor), who are engaged in the provision of the Services under this Contract and who are not Fair Deal Employees or Previous Contractor Transferring Employees;
New Employees means those new employees employed by the Provider to provide the Services who will be working alongside the transferring employees;
New Employees means those employees who constitute a net increase in total employment as compared with employment levels prior to the starting date of business expansion and whose employment is directly attributable to such expansion.
New Employees means employees of the Trust or a relevant Subcontractor (who are not Transferring Employees or Transferring Future Employees) who are assigned to the performance of the Services or any material part thereof;