Per year definition

Per year means the method to be utilized for determining the violation number for a violation that maybe documented on several dates or at several locations but is the result of one (1) distinguishable act or failure to act.
Per year means “per calendar yearunless otherwise indicated.
Per year means per calendar year unless stated otherwise;

Examples of Per year in a sentence

  • Per year (September to September), payment of tuition fees will be waived for all eligible employees to a maximum of the equivalent dollar value of five full-credit undergraduate Arts & Science courses (based on the fee schedule for Canadian students).

  • Per year 5.5 List of other items, which the firm regularly manufactures and corresponding production capacity.

  • Per year, the energy that is demanded is multiplied by the energy price of gas (m3) and electricity (kWh).

  • Omit “Director-General of the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning” from section 2029(b).

  • Yes, I have been pushing for the markup and passage of this bill for some time now.

More Definitions of Per year

Per year means the date on which the first free book of visitor permits or resident/business/discretionary parking permits were issued.
Per year means during a period of 12 consecutive months.
Per year means from 1 July to 30 June
Per year means per calendar year, and for phase-in substances that have been manufactured or imported for three or more consecutive years, the average quantities for the 3 preceding calendar years should be used. So if a substance has been manufactured at 0.5 tonnes for two years, and then
Per year means each 12 month period starting from the commencement date of the permit.
Per year means a rolling 12 month period measured backward from the date an employee uses any leave under this policy. Each time an employee takes leave, the