When an employee Sample Clauses

When an employee is promoted to a higher level her/his salary will be increased to the greater of:
When an employee is supplied with a paging device by the Employer for the purpose of on-call duty, there shall be no cost to the Employee for the use of the paging device.
When an employee is recalled to a reporting centre other than his reporting centre at the time of lay-off, he may choose, subject to section 11.17, to refuse recall until a job is available at his original reporting centre, provided the position to which he was recalled can be filled by another employee on lay-off with less seniority who is qualified to perform the work. If an employee is recalled to a reporting centre other than his reporting centre at the time of lay-off, the provisions of section 11.13 shall apply.
When an employee is promoted to a higher classified job as a result of the provisions set forth in Article II, Section 4 of this Agreement, such employee shall receive the classification rate of pay provided they are not in progression steps. In this event, where employees are in progression, their rate of pay shall be determined by their years of service with the Cooperative.
When an employee is temporarily transferred to a higher classification job, they shall receive the wage rate for such higher classification for the hours worked at such higher classification. A temporary transfer shall not normally exceed sixty (60) days after which the employee shall either revert to their previous classification or transfer permanently to the new classification, subject to the reinstatement of an employee who has greater seniority under Article 27.1.
When an employee is injured on the job, he should immediately report this fact to his immediate
When an employee is unable to take the normal meal break due to the requirement of providing patient care, she shall be given the opportunity to take her meal break on completion of the patient care task. Failing this, such employee shall be paid time and one-half (1½) her regular straight time rate for all time worked in excess of her normal daily hours.
When an employee is rehired into a bargaining unit position within thirty (30) calendar days after resignation or discharge from a bargaining unit position, the employee’s original seniority date shall be restored.;
When an employee is injured on the jobsite and must leave the job for medical attention or when the doctor decides that the Employee is unable to return to the job because of the injury, or if instructed by the xxxxxxx/forewoman or superintendent to go home, the Employee shall be paid the regular wages and other benefits for the full day or desig- nated shift. If in the opinion of the Employer another Employee is required to leave the jobsite with the injured or ill Employee, to assist in getting medical attention, that Employee shall be paid regular wages and other benefits for any lost time incurred in this way. Transportation when necessary shall be arranged by the Employer to a doctor’s office or hospital. The Union office and the Employer shall be notified immediately of an accident to an Employee where loss of time is involved. Copies of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Report will be available to the injured Employee and Union upon request.