The Insurance Company Sample Clauses

The Insurance Company. The Insurer represents and warrants that it is a life insurance company duly organized and in good standing under Kansas law, that the Insurer is authorized to offer the Variable Contracts in those states set forth in Schedule B and that it is taxed as an insurance company under Subchapter L of the Code.

Related to The Insurance Company

  • Insurance Companies Insurance required to be maintained by LESSEE shall be written by companies licensed to do business in the state in which the Premises are located and having, at the time the initial policies are issued, a General Policyholders Rating of at least “A-/VII” (or such higher rating as may be required by a lender having a lien on the Premises) as set forth in the most current issue of “Best’s Insurance Guide.”

  • Insurance Company The Buyer is an insurance company whose primary and predominant business activity is the writing of insurance or the reinsuring of risks underwritten by insurance companies and which is subject to supervision by the insurance commissioner or a similar official or agency of a State, territory or the District of Columbia.

  • Life Insurance Policy In addition to the insurance coverage contemplated by Section 4(e), during the Employment Term the Company shall maintain in effect term life insurance coverage for the Executive with a death benefit of at least Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000), subject to the Executive's insurability at standard rates and with the beneficiary or beneficiaries, thereof designated by the Executive. Notwithstanding Section 9 of this Agreement, such life insurance policy or policies may be assigned to a trust for the benefit of any beneficiary designated by the Executive.

  • Life Insurance The Company may, at any time after the execution of this Employment Agreement, apply for and procure as owner and for its own benefit, life insurance on Employee, in such amounts and in such form or forms as the Company may determine. Employee shall, at the request of the Company, submit to such medical examinations, supply such information, and execute such documents as may be required by the insurance company or companies to whom the Company has applied for such insurance. Employee hereby represents that to his knowledge he is in good physical and mental condition and is not under the influence of illegal drugs or similar substance.

  • Health and Life Insurance The Sheriff will continue to offer to employees of this bargaining unit the same health and life insurance programs being offered to other Sheriff’s Office employees. Due to the changing nature of the health insurance market, the Sheriff retains the right during the term of this Agreement to develop plan changes or to change carriers in order to reduce costs or for other reasons. Changes to the level and types of benefits shall be subject to bargaining as provided by law. Rates paid by the employee will be established by the Sheriff.

  • Fire Insurance The LESSEE shall not permit any use of the leased premises which will make voidable any insurance on the property of which the leased premises are a part, or on the contents of said property or which shall be contrary to any law or regulation from time to time established by the New England Fire Insurance Rating Association, or any similar body succeeding to its powers. The LESSEE shall on demand reimburse the LESSOR, and all other tenants, all extra insurance premiums caused by the LESSEE's use of the premises.

  • Medical and Dental Insurance The Company shall pay Employee’s monthly Medical and Dental Insurance premiums in association with Company provided health insurance plans.

  • Health and Dental Insurance ☐ Husband ☐ Wife shall maintain coverage for each minor child under the medical and dental insurance provided through his/her employment. To facilitate the use of such coverage for the child(ren), the Couple shall cooperate fully and in a timely manner, including, but not limited to, obtaining and providing all necessary insurance cards and claim forms, completing and submitting all necessary documents, and delivering all insurance payments. For purposes of duration and modification, this provision shall be deemed part of the child support orders made by the local court in the Couples’ dissolution action.

  • Mortgage Insurance Except as indicated for pledged asset loans, if a Mortgage Loan has an LTV greater than 80%, the Mortgage Loan has mortgage insurance in accordance with the terms of the Fxxxxx Mae Guide or the Fxxxxxx Mac Guide and is insured as to payment defaults by a Primary Mortgage Insurance Policy issued by a Qualified Insurer. All provisions of such Primary Mortgage Insurance Policy have been and are being complied with, such policy is in full force and effect and all premiums due thereunder have been paid. No action, inaction or event has occurred and no state of facts exists that has, or will result in the exclusion from, denial of, or defense to coverage. Any Mortgage Loan subject to a Primary Mortgage Insurance Policy obligates the Mortgagor thereunder to maintain the Primary Mortgage Insurance Policy and to pay all premiums and charges in connection therewith. To the extent a Mortgage Loan is insured under an LPMI policy, the Mortgage Interest Rate for the Mortgage Loan as set forth on the related Mortgage Loan Schedule is net of any such premium.