Payment of Wages Sample Clauses

Payment of Wages. Wages will be paid weekly by electronic funds transfer (EFT). The employer shall comply with all provisions in relation to the keeping of time and wage records and production of pay slips in accordance with the Industrial Relations Xxx 0000. Each employee is responsible for the accurate and timely completion and provision of time sheets and production records.
Payment of Wages. The Borrower shall and shall cause each of the Restricted Subsidiaries to at all times comply, in all material respects, with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, including, without limitation, the provisions of such Act relating to the payment of minimum and overtime wages as the same may become due from time to time.
Payment of Wages. (a) Wages must be paid fortnightly unless otherwise mutually agreed up to a monthly maximum period.
Payment of Wages. A Safety and Health representative is entitled to such time from his/her work as is necessary to attend meetings or to carry out any other function as a Safety and Health representative of the Committee and any time spent by the Safety and Health representative while carrying out his/her functions as a Health and Safety representative of the Committee shall, for the purpose of calculating wages owing to him/her, be deemed to have been spent at his/her work.
Payment of Wages. 27.1 All wages, allowances and other monies may be paid by electronic funds transfer which Employee(s) may request be split between up to two accounts.
Payment of Wages. The Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries are in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, in all material respects, and to the knowledge of the Borrower and each of its Subsidiaries, such Persons have paid all minimum and overtime wages required by law to be paid to their respective employees.
Payment of Wages. The Employer shall at least every second Friday, pay to each employee covered by this Agreement all wages earned by that employee to a day not more than five (5) working days prior to the date of payment, provided that if a General Holiday falls on the regular payday, payment will be made the preceding day. Second shift to be paid at least every second Thursday. Payment of wages will be made during working hours. Where a payroll is not met within the prescribed time, unless proper reasons for the delay are forthcoming, it shall not be considered a violation of this Agreement for the employees to cease work until payment of wages or other arrangements are made between the Employer and the Union. In the event that an employee covered by this Agreement ceases, for any reason, to be an employee of the Employer, the Employer shall pay such employee not later than the next day after he ceases to be an employee of the Employer, all wages, salary and holiday pay earned by such employee. As directed by the employee, a cheque mailed to the address of the employee, or to the Union office within the time as specified above, shall constitute payment in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. Where an employee is not paid as provided above, such employee shall be deemed to be still on the payroll of the Employer, and shall receive his usual wages and all other conditions until there is compliance with the provisions or other arrangements are made between the Employer and the Union. The Employer will provide a separate or detachable itemized statement with each pay, showing the number of hours at straight time rate and at overtime rate, the wage rate and total deductions from the amount earned. Exchange charges will be added to the cheque, or otherwise provided for by the Employer. Where subsistence allowance is payable under the terms of this Agreement, such subsistence allowance shall be paid by separate cheque.
Payment of Wages. Wages will be paid weekly through electronic funds transfer for all employees into an agreed financial institution account. On becoming aware of any overpayment to an Employee the company will immediately notify the employee and set a reasonable payback period. In determining any termination payment, the company may deduct from the payment any balance of outstanding monies owing to the company.
Payment of Wages. (1) Wages shall be paid fortnightly or monthly.
Payment of Wages. With the agreement of the majority of the employees, the company may elect to pay wages weekly by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to up to two accounts of the employee’s choice.