The Mutual definition

The Mutual means Maitland Mutual Limited trading as The Mutual Bank, ACN 087 651 983, AFSL/Australian credit licence 238139.
The Mutual means Walnut Creek Mutual Fifty-Five (Mutual 55), which has been formed pursuant to the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law (Corporations Code, Sections 7110-8970) as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation that functions solely as a community association for management of certain condominium projects in Rossmoor. The Mutual owns no real property.
The Mutual means The NFRN Mutual Limited.

Examples of The Mutual in a sentence

  • The Mutual Fund shall get the securities purchased transferred in the name of the Fund on account of the concerned Scheme, wherever investments are intended to be of a long-term nature.

  • The Mutual Fund shall upload the details of the investors on the system of the KYC Registration Agency (KRA).

  • The Mutual Fund shall perform the initial KYC of its new investors and may undertake enhanced KYC measures commensurate with the risk profile of its investors.

  • The Mutual Fund shall buy and sell securities on the basis of deliveries and shall in all cases of purchases, take delivery of relevant securities and in all cases of sale, deliver the securities: Provided that the Mutual Fund may engage in short selling of securities in accordance with the framework relating to short selling and securities lending and borrowing specified by SEBI.

  • The Mutual Fund position limit in all index futures contracts on a particular underlying index shall be Rs.500 crores or 15% of the total open interest of the market in index futures, whichever is higher, per stock exchange.

  • The Mutual Fund will value its investments according to the valuation norms, as specified in Schedule VIII of the SEBI (MF) Regulations, or such norms as may be specified by SEBI from time to time.

  • The Mutual Fund position limit in all index options contracts on a particular underlying index shall be Rs. 500 crores or 15% of the total open interest of the market in index options, whichever is higher, per stock exchange.

  • The Mutual Fund shall enter into transactions relating to Government Securities only in dematerialised form.

  • The Mutual Fund follows a counterparty empanelment process for fixed income transactions and the same shall be used for selection of counterparties for corporate bond repos.

  • The Mutual Fund shall buy and sell securities on the basis of deliveries and shall in all cases of purchases, take delivery of relevant securities and in all cases of sale, deliver the securities.

Related to The Mutual

  • Company Bank has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • The Manager , in relation to an HMO, means the person managing the HMO.

  • The Bank means the State Bank of India (including domestic branches and foreign offices), Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures, where the Bank has ownership of more than 50% of voting securities or the power to direct the management and policies of such Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures:< Strike of whichever is inapplicable.>

  • CPS means Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc., a California corporation and its successors.

  • MGA means the Municipal Government Act (Alberta);

  • FMS Means the provision by Cartrack to the Client of a real-time web-based system whereby the Client is able to position, monitor and obtain reports covering various aspects of driver and Vehicle performance. This Service only applies where a GPS fleet management Unit is installed and is limited to the Territory, except if the Product specifically incorporates international data roaming, in which case the roaming data service will be provided in specified countries.

  • Insurance Companies means the companies with whom the Insurance Policies are held.

  • Fidelity means Fidelity Management & Research Company and any successor or affiliated registered investment advisor to the Fidelity Investors.

  • AIG means American International Group, Inc.

  • TFC means The Finance Company, a Virginia corporation.

  • SBI means State Bank of India (Client) having its Corporate Centre at Madame Cama Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400 021 and its representative Local Head Offices/Administrative Offices/Regional Business Offices/Branches at various places across India and includes the client’s representatives, successors and assigns.

  • OSSTF means the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation.

  • CBC means the Collective Bargaining Committee of the PSSP Bargaining Unit.

  • The Master Servicer has fully furnished and will fully furnish, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its implementing regulations, accurate and complete information (i.e., favorable and unfavorable) on its borrower credit files to Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union Credit Information Company (three of the credit repositories), on a monthly basis for the Mortgage Loans in Loan Group 1.

  • Policy Owner means the owner named in the policy or the certificate holder in the case of a group policy.

  • CNA means Citicorp North America, Inc.

  • Bancorp means Eagle Bancorp, Inc., a Maryland corporation.

  • The Company means save as otherwise defined at Article 6.9 the company intended to be regulated by these Articles and referred to in Article 2;

  • Financial Sponsor means any Person, including any Subsidiary of such Person, whose principal business activity is acquiring, holding, and selling investments (including controlling interests) in otherwise unrelated companies that each are distinct legal entities with separate management, books and records and bank accounts, whose operations are not integrated with one another and whose financial condition and creditworthiness are independent of the other companies so owned by such Person.

  • Insurance Advisor means Aon Risk Services and any replacement thereof appointed by the Required Secured Parties and, if no Event of Default shall then be occurring, after consultation with the Borrower.

  • DGS&D means Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals

  • QFC has the meaning assigned to the term “qualified financial contract” in, and shall be interpreted in accordance with, 12 U.S.C. 5390(c)(8)(D).

  • CPA means certified public accountant.

  • the Minister means the Minister of State of the Commonwealth for the time being responsible for the administration of this agreement for the Commonwealth; and

  • Previously Disclosed means information set forth or incorporated in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the most recently completed fiscal year of the Company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) prior to the Signing Date (the “Last Fiscal Year”) or in its other reports and forms filed with or furnished to the SEC under Sections 13(a), 14(a) or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) on or after the last day of the Last Fiscal Year and prior to the Signing Date.

  • the Macfarlane Trust means the charitable trust, established partly out of funds provided by the Secretary of State to the Haemophilia Society, for the relief of poverty or distress among those suffering from haemophilia;