Staff development definition

Staff development means activities designed to improve staff competency and job performance which may include the following:
Staff development means organized professional learning activities. The terms "professional development and staff development" are used interchangeably by the national staff development council as well as in this rule.
Staff development means continuous learning offered to groups of professionals that develops the skills of those professionals to meet common goals, or the goals of a school or school district.

Examples of Staff development in a sentence

  • Staff development for instructional personnel is predominantly campus-based, related to achieving campus performance objectives, addressed in the campus improvement plan, and approved by a campus-level advisory committee.

  • Staff development activities may include curriculum development and curriculum training programs and activities that provide teachers and other members of site-based teams training to enhance team performance.

  • Staff development activities that support the school’s efforts in curriculum development, instructional improvement, assessment, and general school improvement to achieve school improvement goals.

  • Staff development programs should include appropriate certification and/or training programs for child nutrition directors, school nutrition managers, and cafeteria workers, according to their levels of responsibility.

  • Staff development training will also include training on online safety, searching pupils for prohibited and banned items, and Prevent duty training assessed as appropriate for them by the School.

More Definitions of Staff development

Staff development means an educational program planned by an agency to assist its employees in becoming increasingly knowledgeable and competent in fulfilling role expectations within that agency. Although often used interchangeably with in service education, staff development frequently includes out-of-agency educational activities;
Staff development means Professional Development initiated by the Employer. Such training is to take place within the 195 sessional days.
Staff development means activities designed to improve staff competency and job performance, which includes cross-training that employs learning activities to develop, promote, and evolve research-based practices in the areas of knowledge, skills, and attitudes aimed at changing behaviors to enhance or improve job performance.
Staff development means training aimed at the professional growth of teachers and educational support staff.
Staff development. , where used herein, means the office, located within the Bureau of Human Resources of the Department of Corrections, responsible for development and management of training, within the Department of Corrections.
Staff development means activities designed to improve staff compe- tency and job performance which may include the following:
Staff development is defined as activities that are designed to: