Insurance Act Sample Clauses

Insurance Act. Effective upon ratification: Vision every years Chiropractic per visit, maximum per year Any dispute over payment of benefits under such plans or policies shall be adjusted between the employee and the insurer concerned. The Company will use its best efforts to assist in settling any such disputes. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the provisions of this Agreement, the benefits and plans of insurance are quali- fied in their entirety by reference to the underlying policies and contracts of insurance or statutes or regulations. The responsi- bility rests with the employee to complete all eligibility require- ments of the existing carriers of all medical, health and welfare under this Collective Agreement. The Company will arrange and pay the premiums for a weekly indemnity plan on a basis at sixty percent (60%) of the employee’s gross earnings, up to the maximum, provided that one hundred percent (100%) of the premium rebates accrues to the Company. For employees who have completed one year of service, the Company will match employee contributions of two percent (2%) of gross earnings from the Employer. The employee may opt in or out of participation or authorize a greater deduction during the last pay period in November for the next calendar year. The initial enrolment shall be the 1st pay period of January, April, July and October of each year. All con- tributions shall be locked-in for the duration of employment.
Insurance Act. (Alberta);
Insurance Act. The employee's normal weekly earnings shall be determined by multiplying the employee's regular hourly rate on his or her last day worked prior to the commencement of the leave times the employee's normal weekly hours, plus any wage increase or salary increment that the employee would be entitled to if he or she were not on parental leave. In addition to the foregoing, the Hospital shall pay the employee ninety- three per cent (93%) of his or her normal weekly earnings during the first one (1) week period of the leave while waiting to receive Employment Insurance Benefits. The employee does not have any vested right except to receive payments for the covered unemployment period. The plan provides that payment in respect of guaranteed annual remuneration or in respect of deferred remuneration or severance pay benefits are not reduced or increased by payments received under the plan.
Insurance Act. JRG Reinsurance has not received any direction or other notification pursuant to Section 32 of Insurance Axx 0000 of Bermuda. JRG Reinsurance does not carry on long term business for the purposes of the Insurance Axx 0000
Insurance Act. The Employer agrees that a joint accommodation committee consisting of an equal number of Union and Management representatives will facilitate any accommodation of disabled employees. All employees accessing the Transitional Work Program will be informed of such committee and their right to union representation at any such meetings to discuss their Return to Work Program, by the employer, prior to the employer meeting with them at the first Return to Work/Transitional Work meeting.
Insurance Act. At the employee’s request, the payment referred to in subparagraph will be estimated and advanced to the employee. Adjustments will be made once the employee provides proof of receipt of El parental benefits. The parental allowance to which an employee is entitled is limited to that provided in paragraph and an employee will not be reimbursed for any amount that he or she is required to repay pursuant to the Employment Act. The weekly rate of pay referred to in paragraph shall be: for a full-time employee, the employee’s weekly rate of pay on the day immediately preceding the commencement of maternity or parental leave without pay; for an employee who has been employed on a part-time or on a combined full-time and part-time basis during the six month period preceding the commencement of maternity or parental leave without pay, the rate obtained by multiplying the weekly rate of pay in subparagraph by the fraction obtained by dividing the employee's straight time earnings by the straight time earnings the employee would have earned working full time during such period. The weekly rate of pay referred to in paragraph shall be the rate to which the employee is entitled for the substantive level to which she or he is appointed. Notwithstanding paragraph and subject to subparagraph if onthe day immediately preceding the commencement of parental leave without pay an employee is performing an acting assignment for at least four months, the weekly rate shall be the rate the employee was being paid on that day. Where an employee becomes eligible for a pay increment or pay revision while in receipt of parental allowance, the allowance shall be adjusted accordingly. Parental allowance payments made under the SUB Plan will neither reduce nor increase an employee's deferred remuneration or severance pay. Special Parental Allowance for Totally Disabled Employees
Insurance Act. An employee will provide the Employer with the expected duration of the pregnancy, parental, and paternity leave at the time the leave commences. In the event the employee wishes to return earlier than expected shall have the right to do so provided notifies the Employer not less four (4) weeks in advance. The employee may request an extension of the leave without pay provided the total period