Transfer Date definition

Transfer Date means, in relation to a transfer, the later of:
Transfer Date means, in relation to any Transfer Certificate, the date for the making of the transfer as specified in such Transfer Certificate.
Transfer Date means the Business Day immediately preceding each Distribution Date.

Examples of Transfer Date in a sentence

  • The interest rate for the period following the Transfer Date until the termination of this Contract will be equal to the highest crediting rate in the 30 days prior to when Written Communications are received by Nationwide to terminate and pay out the Contract in installments, less 1%.

  • Relevant Transfer Date In relation to a Relevant Transfer, the date upon which the Relevant Transfer takes place.

  • If the Guaranteed Fund has not been exhausted by the fifth (5th) anniversary of the Transfer Date Nationwide shall make a final payment on that date.

  • The ratification date of this Collective Agreement shall be deemed to be the Transfer Date for purposes of this Article.

  • Instead of the Withdrawals and Transfer payments provided in Section 8.2, the Contract Owner may direct Nationwide to withdraw all of the Guaranteed Fund on the Transfer Date, which will not be more than 90 days following receipt of the Contract Owner’s written request, in good order.

More Definitions of Transfer Date

Transfer Date means the date on which this Agreement and the Concession hereunder expires pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement or is terminated by a Termination Notice;
Transfer Date. The date on which the Purchaser, or its designee, shall receive the transfer of servicing responsibilities and begin to perform the servicing of the Mortgage Loans with respect to the related Mortgage Loan Package, and the Seller shall cease all servicing responsibilities. Such date shall occur on the day indicated by the Purchaser to the Seller in accordance with the Servicing Agreement.
Transfer Date means, with respect to any Payment Date, the Business Day preceding such Payment Date.
Transfer Date. The fourth calendar day of each month, or, if such day is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day. Each transfer of servicing on a Transfer Date shall be deemed to be effective immediately following the close of business on such Transfer Date.
Transfer Date means each Business Day of each calendar month when there are available funds in the Revenue Account for distribution in accordance with the Revenue Account Waterfall.
Transfer Date means the Business Day preceding the fifteenth day of each calendar month.
Transfer Date has the meaning given to it in Section 2.06.