The School District Sample Clauses

The School District. 1. The School District is responsible for providing a learning atmosphere and classroom facilities comparable to the ones offered on the College campus, regardless of modality of instruction.
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The School District. The School District shall:
The School District hereby authorizes and approves the execution and delivery of Schedule No. 1 to the Master Lease in an amount not to exceed $ for the purpose of financing the costs of the acquisition and installation of the Project;
The School District. 1. The school’s Work-Based Learning Specialist, upon request, will issue a work permit.
The School District. The School District’s duties and obligations under the CSFP shall be limited to the following:
The School District at its sole discretion, may terminate this Agreement in the event THE CONTRACTOR should sell, transfer, convey, or grant any interest in his business to another party, subcontract the transportation services to be provided hereunder, reorganize, file for voluntary or involuntary petition by or on behalf of THE CONTRACTOR under any of the provisions of the federal bankruptcy laws.
The School District. Unified School District 495.
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The School District. Project Manager and the A/E may visit the site at intervals each considers appropriate to the stage of the Work to become generally familiar with the progress and quality of the completed Work. However, neither will be required to make exhaustive or continuous on-site inspections to check the quality or quantity of the Work.

Related to The School District

  • School District For purposes of administering this Agreement, the term "School District" shall mean the School Board or its designated representative.

  • SCHOOL DISTRICT RIGHTS Section 1. Inherent Managerial Rights 2 Section 2. Management Responsibilities 2 Section 3. Effect of Laws, Rules and Regulations 2 Section 4. Reservation of Managerial Rights 2

  • Regulation of School District Expenses The Board regulates the reimbursement of all travel, meal, and lodging expenses in the District by resolution. No later than approval of the annual budget and when necessary, the Superintendent will recommend a maximum allowable reimbursement amount for expenses to be included in the resolution. The recommended amount should be based upon the District's budget and other financial considerations.

  • The School 10. The School agrees to pay the Homestay Carer a fee in return for providing homestay accommodation for international students in accordance with the Agreement. The School will advise the Homestay Carer/s of the fee when a student is placed for homestay accommodation.

  • University Any notice may be served upon the University by delivering it, in writing, to the University at the address set forth on the last page of this Agreement, by depositing it in a United States Postal Service deposit box with the postage fully prepaid and with the notice addressed to the University at the aforementioned address, or by sending a facsimile of it to the University facsimile number set forth on the last page of this Agreement.

  • Middle School At the request of the Superintendent, a middle school teacher may volunteer on a semester basis to teach all the student contact time and be paid one-sixth (1/6) of his/her salary for the semester. This section shall not be used to circumvent the hiring of additional full time teachers.

  • PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS If the Property is in a public improvement district,

  • District The public agency or the school district for which the Work is performed. The governing board of the District or its designees will act for the District in all matters pertaining to the Contract. The District may, at any time:

  • Washtenaw Community College Eastern Michigan University Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx College of Engineering & Technology Student Services BE 214; 734.487.8659 734.973.3398

  • MIDDLE SCHOOLS 1. Where there are no negotiated provisions concerning the implementation or operation of a middle school program, this article shall govern the implementation or operation of a middle school program in a school district.

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