VAC Sample Clauses

VAC. (a) Every employee shall vacation pay according to the An employee who has completed (3) years' be pay. An employee who has completed (9) service shall be paid vacation pay. An employee who completed (18) years' shall paid vacation pay. part of vacation, employees with naive the into and of during periods. a statutoryholidays which it be 'made inthe pay. Should a necessary. bedivided and the pays. If a holiday falls or is observed during the above vacation period, employees will granted an additional day's pay for each such holiday. The Board agrees to pay each employeea sum equivalent to the employee's current daily rate of pay for the following holidays New Year'sDay Victoria Day Boxing Day Good Friday Thanksgiving Day Heritage Day Monday Christmas Day Remembrance Day under the following conditions: The holiday on a working day which the would have normally worked if day had not been a The employee must be at work the full shift prior to and following the day of the holiday. The only exception to the above would be for of absence granted in writing or proven either the day before or the day after the holiday period. the above, if a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the employee will granted a day's pay or a lieu day with pay at the option of the employer. If Heritage Day not officially declared, a floating holiday shall be each year of the on a to be mutually agreed upon. Should schools remain open on Remembrance Day, the Board and Union shall upon a "floating holiday" to be takenat another time in lieu of Remembrance Day. The shall notify the Board by August respect to the suggested designationsof Heritage Day and Remembrance Day for the forthcoming school year. It is understood that school employees will leave when school is dismissed for the vacation and at the time determined by the Principal. Sick Leave Plan See Schedule "A" attached hereto. Board may grant leave of absence, pay without loss of present seniority or occupationalclassification to any employee such for a good and sufficient which may include Applications for leave of pay) shall be to the of Employee at least four (4) weeks to of leave except in extenuatingcircumstances. The employee will only seniority during the first six (6) months of any of absence unless otherwise specified. When an employee is summonedfor jury duty or by the Crown, the Board agrees to the employee for the pay the employee would have received while working the fee received from the The Board to pay the employe...
VAC. When persons are hired to replace employees who are on approved maternity leave, the period of employment of such persons will not exceed the maternity leave, The release or discharge of such persons will not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration. clause would not preclude such employees from using the job posting provision under the collective agreement and any successful applicant who has completed his probation period will be credited with the appropriate seniority. The Hospital outline to employees selected to fill such temporary vacancies, the circumstances giving rise the vacancy, and the special conditions relating to such employment. The cost of printing this Agreement in form shall be borne equally by-each Once printed, the new collective agreement will be distributed to existing in the bargaining unit by the Human Resources Department. The Union will be responsible for the distribution of collective to new employees and to those employees requesting replacement copies. The Hospital will supply the Union with sufficient copies for the distribution of the agreements. the in a by the Act), the of of of all who work due seven of the notification of injury. it has determined an employee unable to to due to the Hospital will convene of (2) designated representatives and a Rehabilitation as to discuss a return to work. The Hospital and the Union will cooperate to investigate any modified work applicable; the employee will be provided with appropriate orientation to the job duties of any modifiedwork; the employee will be able to participate own case management. P at the The Hospital agrees to provide the Union with a notification of injury slip and to to the employee, two (2) copies of Workers' Compensation Board Form same time it is sent to the Board. E
VAC may terminate this Agreement by giving a written notice to SEI six (6) months prior to the date the termination takes effect; SEI may terminate this Agreement by giving a written notice to VAC twelve (12) months prior to the date the termination takes effect. Termination will not release the parties from the responsibilities and commitments assumed for projects that they bid during the time this Agreement has been in force.
VAC. DAT cannot be scheduled on a holiday. Further, VAC-DAT cannot infringe on any existing rules regarding a holiday.
VAC. Each employee who on June of any year has the number of years of service shown on the following schedule will be entitled to the number of weeks of vacation and the percentage of annual earnings applicable thereto. The an- nual calculation shall include actual wages earned from 1st to May inclusive, and vacation pay for preceding year. Percentage
VAC. “VAC” means the VEBA Advisory Committee or the VEBA Advisory Committee designee.