Saturday or Sunday Sample Clauses

Saturday or Sunday. In the event that any holiday mentioned in the preceding section occurs on a Saturday, Sunday, or scheduled day off, the preceding day or the next working day shall be considered the holiday.
Saturday or Sunday. 22.2. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding workday which is not a holiday shall be deemed the holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following workday which is not a holiday shall be deemed the holiday.
Saturday or Sunday. For an employee whose workweek is from Monday to Friday, and when any of the above-noted holidays falls on a Saturday and is not proclaimed as being observed on some other day, the following Monday shall be deemed to be the holiday for the purpose of this agreement; and when a holiday falls on a Sunday and it is not proclaimed as being observed on some other day, the following Monday (or Tuesday, where the preceding section already applies on the Monday), shall be deemed to be the holiday for the purpose of this agreement. Holiday Falling on a Day of Rest When a paid holiday falls on an employee's day of rest, the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to give the employee a lieu day with pay on the first regularly scheduled workday following the day of rest so affected. Where this is not possible, the lieu day shall be scheduled by mutual agreement and taken by the end of the month following the month in which it was earned. Holiday Falling on a Workday An employee who works on a designated holiday which is a scheduled workday shall be compensated at the rate of time and one-half for the hours worked plus a day off in lieu of the holiday.
Saturday or Sunday. This Article shall not apply to Stationary Engineers and Security Guards.
Saturday or Sunday. 10.3.1 When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding workday, not a holiday, shall be deemed to be that holiday. Except as provided in Section 10.3.2, when a holiday falls on Sunday, the following workday not a holiday shall be deemed to be that holiday.
Saturday or Sunday. It is understood that shift premiums shall not be paid for any hours in which an employee is paid an overtime rate and such shift premiums shall not form part of an employee’s regular straight-time hourly rate. It is understood that shift premiums shall not apply in the event that an employee requests modified or alternate work hours outside regularly scheduled hours.
Saturday or Sunday. So once we are done with our part, we can only offer a temporary method.” FGD: XXX Xxxx, Obstetrician Interestingly, the XXX Xxxx data, during the January to June 2010 and 2012 periods, illustrate that the only method accepted was oral pills. The situation was different in CHR Tsévié and CMS Kévé, where despite concerns for confidentiality among youth that constrained method acceptance, data from the client registers depicted a good method mix (Table 7). “Since most of the girls coming for PAC are students, for confidentiality reasons they don’t like methods like Jadelle; they prefer IUDs and pills so that no one finds out.” FGD: CMS Kévé, Midwife Table 7: Frequency Distribution of Contraceptive Method Uptake by PAC Clients from XXX Xxxx, CHR Tsévié, and CMS Kévé (2008, 2010, and 2012 [January – June]) Method type % XXX Xxxx CMS Xxxx CHR Tsévié 2008 2010 2012 2008 2010 2012 20081 2010 2012 Abstinence 4 - - - - 22.2 - 5.6 10.3 Condoms 2 - - 25 6.7 - - 50 46.1 Oral Pills 90 100 100 - 40 22.2 - 38.9 12.9 Injectables 2 - - 25 6.7 22.2 - 5.6 23.1 Implants - - - - 40 22.2 - - 7.7 IUDs 2 - - 50 6.7 11.1 - - - Tubal Ligation - - - - - - - - - TOTAL (n) 52 50 86 4 15 9 0 18 39 1: Register began in May 2008 Cost of Postabortion Care Women’s inability to pay for treatment and FP methods was cited as a major barrier for PAC clients seeking help. The senior management champion at the CMS Kévé facility explained all the costs incurred for a PAC client before opting for a FP method: “She needs to pay first the admission fees and the card, all costing 400 CFA. After she is examined, we order suction materials for her and it costs money. Simple cases pay between 10,000 and 15,000 CFA. This represents a limitation to many of our patients.”i CMS Kévé, Senior Management Champion Facilities practiced different approaches to make services more financially accessible to their clients, as in the case of XXX Xxxx: “Since 2010, we have eliminated curettage and we practiced only MVA. The problem that we encountered then was the cost. We had a meeting with the administration and we decided to lower the price to 10,000 CFA, including all PAC components.” XXX Xxxx, Senior Management Champion Despite lowering the cost of PAC services for clients, the price still remained high for the most vulnerable women. When all else has been exhausted, some providers even pay out of their own pockets to help provide services to clients, as one midwife at XXX Xxxx explained, “the gynecologist is tryi...
Saturday or Sunday. 12.1.4 "Casual Employment" employees will be used to implement a shift rotation schedule that will equitably distribute Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and evenings among Regular employees.
Saturday or Sunday. Deliveries EXHIBIT "H" ----------- during normal office hours shall be limited to normal office supplies and other small items. No deliveries will be made which impede or interfere with other tenants or the operation of the Building.
Saturday or Sunday. If a nurse specifically requests to work a weekend shift or a 32 specific work schedule that includes additional weekend shifts, the shift does not qualify 33 for this weekend bonus.