A Fixed Sample Clauses

A Fixed. Term Employee is entitled to the benefits of this Agreement on a pro rata basis where the Employee is employed part-time or where the hours of Full-time Teacher’s face-to-face teaching x annual salary Employee has been employed for a period of less than 12 months.
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A Fixed term employee, as defined by Section 66 of the Employment Relations Act 2000, means an employee employed for a specific limited term for a specified project or situation or, for example, to replace an employee on parental leave or long-term accident or sickness. There is no expectation of ongoing employment. Fixed-term agreements shall not be used to deny staff security of employment. The employee can be full-time or part-time.
A Fixed. Term Employee whose contract of employment is not renewed, will be entitled to severance pay in accordance with this clause if:
A Fixed. Term employee can be employed for fixed periods of 12 to 52 weeks to cover circumstances where workload demand is high, and it is known that it will be ongoing for a specific period of time, or where additional work is acquired and additional labour will be required for a fixed period of time.

Related to A Fixed

  • Deposit Pay ment of The Fixed Reserve Price 5.1. E-Bidders must make deposit payment as required under the Conditions of Sale attached to Proclamation of Sale, i.e. 10% of the reserve price.

  • Pay Rate Sick leave pay shall be at the shift straight-time hourly rate.

  • BASE PAY RATE The employee's basic hourly rate exclusive of overtime premium, shift premium, stability or any other special allowances.

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