The Court Sample Clauses

The Court. The “Court” refers to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx X. Garaufis, U.S.D.J., presiding.
The Court. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in Clauses 43 to 52 precludes the Company from referring a Common Terms Dispute, at its sole discretion, to the Court.
The Court. (1) The duties imposed on the court by section 210(1) of the Ordinance, in a winding up by the court with regard to the collection of the assets of the company and the application of the assets in discharge of the company's liabilities, shall be discharged by the liquidator as an officer of the court subject to the control of the court.
The Court. It is hereby declared and agreed that the Insured and Insurer shall settle the dispute through the Court within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
The Court. CLAUSE 14.1 - The parties elect the courts of the Judiciary Section of the Federal Courts in Brasilia, Federal District, to settle any disputes arising out of this Instrument.
The Court. All right then. Okay, then Madam Clerk, except for going to and coming from church. Is that good? 88 XX. XxXXXXX: Thank you, Your Honour.
The Court what he is doing, he is saying to you, that this is his client’s case. So his client’s case is that you remained on that land as a tenant. So when he says, “I put that to you” he is saying that this is our case. This is our client’s case. It’s a question and you have to answer it. You can do one of three things: You could accept what he says as being correct, you could disagree with what he says or you could give any answer that you think is relevant to what he says. All right. So, his question to you is, -- THE WITNESS: Mmh-hmm, (affirmative). THE COURT: -- he is saying to you that you stayed there, in fact, as a tenant. What is your answer?
The Court. Do you appreciate you have an obligation to obey these conditions? 95 XX. XXXXXXX: Yes.
The Court. Yes. That is a direction of this court that those animals be immediately surrendered to the Humane Society, those animals presently in Xx. Xxxxxxx'x home. XXXXXXXX PROV. J.