The Court Sample Clauses

The Court. (1) The Court shall comprise a Court of First Instance, a Court of Appeal and a Registry.
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The Court. It is hereby declared and agreed that the Insured and Insurer shall settle the dispute through the Court within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
The Court. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in Clauses 43 to 52 precludes the Company from referring a Common Terms Dispute, at its sole discretion, to the Court.
The Court. (1) The duties imposed on the court by section 210(1) of the Ordinance, in a winding up by the court with regard to the collection of the assets of the company and the application of the assets in discharge of the company's liabilities, shall be discharged by the liquidator as an officer of the court subject to the control of the court.
The Court. CLAUSE 14.1 - The parties elect the courts of the Judiciary Section of the Federal Courts in Brasilia, Federal District, to settle any disputes arising out of this Instrument.
The Court. The “Court” refers to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, the Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx X. Garaufis, U.S.D.J., presiding.
The Court. Xxx. Xxxxxxx, do you understand that by pleading guilty you are giving up your right to a trial? 3 XXX. XXXXXXX: Yes.
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The Court. No, Anything further, Mr. Xxxxx? I intend to impose the sentence that I have indicated. 33 MR. STILL: No. Nothing further, Your Honour. 34 THE COURT: Xxx. Xxxxxxx, would you stand up, please. There are several objectives that I seek to accomplish in this sentencing. The first objective is to make certain that for the next while at least you are not caring for or possessing animals, because your conduct is such that we don't trust you to do that for the next while. 35 Secondly, what I wish to do is to express the community's denunciation of your conduct. Because this is a crime that affects people in a very personal, and a very vivid way. Nobody likes to see animals suffer. People react viscerally to it. And that's a perfectly human reaction, and it's appropriate that I express the community's denunciation of that through the sentence. And that will be done by a period of incarceration. 36 But I must also take into account that you are without a criminal record. I must assume that you have otherwise led a decent and productive life, and it's right that I take that into account. And so, the period of incarceration will not be in a jail, it will be in your home. And that reflects your otherwise good background. 37 The house arrest is real in this sense, you won't be followed by a police officer to make certain that you are always in your home when you should be. But if you are caught outside the home when you shouldn't be, then you can be charged with breaching the conditional sentence order. And my practice in those cases, absent some compelling submission, is to convert the conditional sentence to a real jail sentence. So you will have to make sure that you abide by the conditional sentence. And by "house arrest" I mean the physical building, not the yard. It's a substitute for jail. You have to stay within the home. 38 And I see you're getting a bit upset, so why don't you have a seat and I'll continue with the rest.
The Court. Yes. You will be permitted to do personal shopping. There may be things that you want to buy yourself, without having to send somebody else to do it for you, and I should have thought of that, for three hours per week. Just pick a day, and a three-hour block of time now. When do you want to do that, Saturday two to five or Friday six to nine. What do you want to do?
The Court. All right. The other condition is that while serving the conditional sentence you are not permitted to have care, or custody, or control of any pets. Following the conditional sentence you are placed on probation for a period of two years: the terms are that you keep the peace and be of good behaviour, and report as required to a probation officer. You are not to have care, custody, or control of any pets, or animals, perhaps I'll phrase it that way. You are not to live in a residence where there are pets, or animals. And on reasonable notice, representatives of the Ontario Humane Society will be admitted to your home by you for the purpose of monitoring compliance with that term. So if they show up at three in the morning you are perfectly free to shut the door on them. But if they call you on a Wednesday morning and say we're coming by in two hours, or three hours, or this afternoon or the next day, then it's expected that you will let them in to monitor compliance with that term. 55 Following that there is an order under s. 446(5) of the Criminal Code, prohibiting you from owning, or having custody, or control of an animal, or a bird, for a period of two years. So, the effect is that for the next four years and sixty days you are not to have any pets or animals. 56 Lastly, there will be an order of restitution in the amount of -- 57 MR. GORDA: Six hundred and seventy-two dollars and fifty-seven cents. Payable to the Ontario Humane Society, or the OSPCA. And I do have the address and the postal code. 58 THE COURT: All right.
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