THE ARRANGEMENTS a. An employee who needs to leave work for a short period of time during working hours due to special circumstances will be permitted to do so where this is customary within the company.
THE ARRANGEMENTS. The Council shall act as provider of the XXXX Services which are commissioned by the CCG in exercise of NHS Functions related to continuing health care in a domiciliary setting.
THE ARRANGEMENTS. In meeting its duties and responsibilities to develop a pooled arrangement to support the BCF Plan, the Partners and Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Board have agreed the establishment of the following pooled arrangements:
THE ARRANGEMENTS. 3.1 The following applies in relation to the Mental Health Scheme: • Lead Commissioning; and • the allocation of monies from the Better Care Pooled Fund to Mental Health
THE ARRANGEMENTS. 3.1. The following applies in relation to the Dementia Scheme:
THE ARRANGEMENTS. 3.1 The following applies in relation to the Adult Community Care work stream: • Lead Commissioning; • The allocation of monies from the Better Care Pooled Fund to Adult Community Care; and • Co-production.
THE ARRANGEMENTS. 4.1 The Parties agree that Schedule 2 sets out the:
THE ARRANGEMENTS. 3.1 The scheme enables the development of a single fully integrated commissioning function (WHaCC). This is a single operating model with a single management and staffing structure to facilitate working as a single body. The Memorandum of Understanding sets out the terms upon which the Partners intend their respective employees who work in WHaCC to be managed and how the Partners intend to co-operate in relation to the management of their respective employees in order to achieve the objectives of WHaCC.
THE ARRANGEMENTS. The CCG has an Associate Director for Mental Health & Learning Disabilities and a Senior Commissioner for Learning Disabilities and Autism. LBC will provide a lead for the commissioning function on behalf of both parties, which will include:  Leadership for place based commissioning  The use and oversight of pooled budgets  The use and oversight of non-pooled budgets. The financial contributions, pertaining to people with learning disabilities with both health and social care needs, not met by universal services, will be made by the partners to a single Luton pooled budget hosted by LBC. The partners will also make financial contributions to some non-pooled budgets, which will be managed on behalf of partners by LBC.
THE ARRANGEMENTS. The scheme is commissioned under a lead commissioner arrangement. Home based intermediate care is provided through a variation order to the contract between Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and independent providers TSDT has an “any qualified provider” agreement with care homes for placements on a spot purchase agreement on top of the main service which is home based intermediate care. There is a similar arrangement in the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon footprint. Recuperative care is provided through Care home placements which are spot-purchased from both private and Council care homes.