Paid Vacation Sample Clauses

Paid Vacation. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, paid vacation shall be granted no longer than the fiscal year immediately following the fiscal year in which it is earned.
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Paid Vacation. The Executive shall be entitled to paid vacation days in accordance with the Company’s vacation policies in effect from time to time for its executive team; provided, however, that the Executive shall be entitled to no less than fifteen (15) paid vacation days per calendar year during the Term.
Paid Vacation. The Executive shall be entitled to four weeks of paid vacation per year in accordance with FTD’s policies with respect to vacations then in effect.
Paid Vacation. During the term of the Agreement, Employee shall be entitled to annual paid vacation benefits identical to those offered to employees of Bank holding executive vice president or higher positions. The timing of vacations shall be scheduled in a reasonable manner by Employee. Employee shall not be entitled to receive any additional compensation from Bank on account of his failure to take a vacation, and may not accumulate unused vacation time from one calendar year to the next.
Paid Vacation. During the Term, Executive shall be entitled to paid vacation in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Company’s vacation policies as in effect from time to time.
Paid Vacation. The Executive shall be entitled to no less than twenty-five (25) days of paid leave, prorated for any partial calendar year of service. The provisions of this Section 3.5 shall apply notwithstanding any less generous paid leave policy then maintained by the Employer, but the use of Executive’s paid leave shall otherwise be determined in accordance with the Employer’s paid leave policy as in effect from time to time.
Paid Vacation. Executive shall be entitled to a paid annual vacation of three (3) weeks. Vacation time may be accumulated and carried over by Executive into any subsequent year(s); provided, however, Executive shall not be permitted to accumulate more than six (6) weeks of accrued and unused vacation. In addition, the Executive shall be allowed up to five (5) days each year to attend professional continuing education meetings or seminars; provided that attendance at such meetings or seminars shall be planned for minimum interference with the Company's business.
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Paid Vacation. An employee who has worked less than 5 years shall recieve vacation pay credit on the basis of 4% of his hourly rate for all hours worked; an employee who has worked 5 to 15 years shall receive vacation pay credit on the basis of 6% of his hourly rate for all hours worked; an employee who has worked 15 or more years shall receive vacation pay credit on the basis of 8% of his hourly rate for all hours worked. ENGI0014-001 11/01/2020 Rates Fringes POWER EQUIPMENT OPERATOR (HEAVY & HIGHWAY) GROUP 1....................$ 104.53 29.50 GROUP 2....................$ 86.33 29.50 GROUP 3....................$ 89.09 29.50 GROUP 4....................$ 86.96 29.50 GROUP 5....................$ 85.25 29.50 GROUP 6....................$ 81.88 29.50 GROUP 7....................$ 83.41 29.50 GROUP 8....................$ 81.02 29.50 GROUP 9....................$ 79.32 29.50 GROUP 10....................$ 75.85 29.50 GROUP 11....................$ 70.91 29.50 GROUP 12....................$ 72.47 29.50 GROUP 13....................$ 73.01 29.50 GROUP 14....................$ 55.20 29.50 GROUP 15....................$ 51.35 29.50 POWER EQUIPMENT OPERATOR (PAVEMENT-HEAVY & HIGHWAY) Asphalt Plants. $ 66.86 29.50 Asphalt roller. $ 78.95 29.50 Asphalt spreader. $ 81.02 29.50 POWER EQUIPMENT OPERATOR (STEEL ERECTION) Compressors, Welding Machines. $ 45.34 31.15 Cranes, Hydraulic Cranes, 2 drum derricks, Forklifts, Boom Trucks. $ 76.43 31.15 Three drum derricks. $ 79.54 31.15 POWER EQUIPMENT OPERATOR (UTILITY) Horizontal Boring Rig. $ 77.09 29.50 Off shift compressors. $ 64.15 29.50 Utility Compressors. $ 51.02 29.50 POWER EQUIPMENT OPERATOR CLASSIFICATIONS GROUP 1: Tower crane GROUP 2: Rubber Tire Backhoes over 37,000 lbs, Track Backhoes, power shovel, Hydraulic clam shells, moles and machines of a similar type GROUP 3: Mine hoists and crane, etc. used as mine hoists GROUP 4: Gradalls, keystones, cranes (with digging buckets), bridge cranes, trenching machines, vermeer cutter and machines of a similar nature GROUP 5: Piledrivers, xxxxxxx boats, tunnel shovels GROUP 6: All drills, and machines of a similar nature GROUP 7: Back filling machines, cranes, mucking machines, dual drum pavers GROUP 8: Mixers (concrete w/loading attachments), concrete pavers, cableways, land derricks, power house (low pressure units), concrete pumps GROUP 9: Concrete plants, well drilling machines, stone crushers double drum hoist, power house (other than above) GROUP 10: Concrete mixers GROUP 11: Elevators GROUP 12: ...
Paid Vacation. During the Term, the Executive shall be entitled to five (5) weeks paid vacation per calendar year, such vacation to extend for such periods and to be taken at such intervals as shall be appropriate and consistent with the proper performance of the Executive's duties hereunder.
Paid Vacation. In addition to U.S. statutory holidays, the Executive will be entitled to 20 business days of paid vacation per year, accruing at the rate of 1.66 days per month. A maximum of ten unused vacation days in any year may be carried over and used in the next year, subject to such policies as the Company may adopt from time to time with respect thereto. If by December 31, each year, the Executive has accrued in excess of ten unused vacation days, the Company shall pay (consistent with existing Company policy) the Executive a cash amount (based on the Executive's then current year's base salary) equal to such excess up to a maximum not to exceed ten vacation days.
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