Roll Over Sample Clauses

Roll Over. At the end of a calendar year benefit period, members shall have the opportunity to roll over funds from the current calendar year’s POWER account to the next calendar year’s POWER account. For members that continue enrollment in HIP, any member contributed funds remaining in the member’s POWER Account may be used to offset the member’s required POWER Account contribution in the subsequent calendar year benefit period. The amount rolled over or discounted shall depend on whether the member was in HIP Plus or HIP Basic at the end of the previous calendar year, and if the member received his or her recommended preventive care services. To allow a claims run-out period, the rollover/ discount calculation shall occur no later than one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days following the end of the calendar year benefit period. In performing the POWER Account roll over function, the Contractor shall comply with the procedures set forth in this section, as well as all additional policies and procedures included in the HIP MCE Policies and Procedures Manual. The Contractor shall be required to comply with the requirements set forth in these documents as of the effective date of the Contract. The Contractor shall have the capability to transmit the required roll over data electronically as of the effective date of the Contract. This capability will be tested during the readiness review.
Roll Over. 4.1. The Client shall perform under and settle all Margin Transactions as set out in the Applicable Regulations and Market Rules and by applicable settlement deadlines. The Client agrees that where it fails to close out Margin Positions by the end of a trading day as required by the Market Rules or the Margin Trading Manual, the Client will be deemed to agree to enter into a Roll-Over Transaction on the terms and conditions set out below.
Roll Over. If elected by Savings Plan Employees, Granite shall cause to be paid from the Savings Plan the vested account balances of the Savings Plan Employees in the form of cash, cash equivalents or other mutually acceptable property and Buyer’s 401(k) plan described in Section 9.4.1 shall accept such distributions (including any outstanding loan balances) as rollover distributions subject to the terms of Buyer’s 401(k) plan and the rules and regulations under Section 402(c) of the Code. In no event, however, shall such transfer take place until the earlier of the furnishing to Buyer by Granite of (a) a favorable determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service with respect to the qualification of the Savings Plan under 401(a) of the Code, or (b) an opinion of counsel that such Savings Plan is qualified under Section 401(a) of the Code with respect to form and operation.
Roll Over. If on a Roll-Over Date no notice of an intention to make a voluntary pre-payment has been served in accordance with Clause 5.3.1 (Voluntary Pre-payment) subject to compliance with the conditions set out in Clause 3.6 (Further Conditions Precedent), the Loans shall be deemed to have been repaid and redrawn on that Roll-over Date for an Interest Period of one month.
Roll Over. If Televisa fails to provide a timely Merger Exit Participation Election, then the Televisa Investors shall, subject to Section 4.10, roll-over all of their Shares into equity of the Acquiror (and receive cash to the extent provided in Section 4.8.6(b)). For the avoidance of doubt, the Acquiror shall assume the obligations under any TV Debentures that are so rolled-over. In the event that Televisa delivers a timely Merger Exit Participation Election, then each other Televisa Investor shall be obligated (to the same extent as Televisa) to participate in such Merger Exit on the terms and conditions specified herein.
Roll Over. Notwithstanding anything contained herein or in any other agreement or instrument to the contrary, other than in connection with a payment of bonus in connection with a termination from the Company, the Board may request that you roll up to thirty percent (30%) of the after-tax proceeds from your 2014 Bonus and any 2015 Bonus into a capital contribution to CFCap Holdings or the Surviving Company, as applicable.
Roll Over. (i) If Bayer PO LP is curtailed under this Section 11.01 for Disruption Events not resulting from Force Majeure such that Bayer PO LP does not receive in any year its Bayer PO Annual Offtake Amount by reason of such curtailment (Bayer PO LP's PO that is so curtailed is called herein "Bayer Non-FM Curtailed Equity PO"), then Bayer PO LP -------------------------------- shall be entitled to add an amount equal to the Bayer Non-FM Curtailed Equity PO, up to 100 million pounds, to its nominations for the next year under Section 8.1(a) of the PO Partnership Agreement and such added amount shall be deemed to be part of the Bayer PO Annual Offtake Amount for the following year.
Roll Over. Subject to Section 4.7.6 below, if Televisa fails to exercise its Sponsor Sale Tag Along Rights before the Sponsor Sale Election Deadline or notifies the Prospective Selling Stockholders and the Company by such Sponsor Sale Election Deadline that it will retain all of its Shares in the Company, then Televisa will be deemed to have elected not to exercise its Sponsor Sale Tag Along Rights but will be deemed to have elected to retain all of its Shares in the Company (and each other Televisa Investor shall be obligated (to the same extent as Televisa) to retain all of its Shares in the Company). In such event, Televisa shall have waived and be deemed to have waived all of its Sponsor Sale Tag Along Rights and other applicable rights under this Section 4.7 and any other applicable rights pursuant to Section 4.1 hereof only with respect to such Sponsor Sale, and, the Prospective Selling Stockholders shall thereafter be free to Transfer to the Prospective Buyer(s) without any further obligation to Televisa pursuant to Section 4.1 or this Section 4.7, except as otherwise provided in Section 4.7.5 or 4.7.6, if applicable; provided that in no event shall Televisa’s Capital Percentage, Equity Percentage or Voting Percentage or rights or obligations under any Transaction Agreements be affected by such Transfer or Sponsor Sale. In such event, each Televisa Investor shall, if requested by the Prospective Selling Stockholders, vote its respective Shares in favor of the Sponsor Sale and as otherwise directed by the Prospective Selling Stockholders (in each case, if and to the extent any such vote is required) in connection with the Sponsor Sale in order to effectuate the intent of this provision.
Roll Over. FCL may be rolled over at the end of each tenor of the FCL, subject always to interest being serviced by the Borrower as at such date and that only the principal amount of the FCL, may be rolled over. THE SCHEDULED REFERRED TO HEREIN SCHEDULE 2 ITEM 8(i) FCTL (Import) - NOT APPLICABLE General Condition
Roll Over. Racino agrees that it shall execute and file a joint election with any IAGC Shareholder who so requests pursuant to sub-section 85(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and any similar provision of provincial law as may be necessary as prepared by such IAGC Shareholder in prescribed form and within the prescribed time. Such joint election shall designate that the proceeds of disposition to such IAGC Shareholder for the IAGC Shares and the cost of acquisition to Racino for the IAGC Shares shall be the IAGC Shareholder's cost amount, as such term is defined under the Income Tax Act (Canada) (or such other amount as the IAGC Shareholder may properly determine).