The User Sample Clauses

The User. (a) must at all times during the Term have a COVID Safe Plan;
The User. 9.4.1 acknowledges that third party content has intellectual property rights owned by third parties; and
The User. The Client and account holder or its agent who are allowed by the Bank to access Alinma System and the Client’s account with the Bank and any other banking services through using the user ID and the Client PIN. :@zzïnall 11.2 @Lªi ml! {qaqlLi ¤µaall Laal 9ani ¿lzIll aIi⁄q qÎ nLnzll u2La $iaall qa ™lzq uµzÎ äiaµaa üLazz uÎq ¤µaall uzl $iaall nLn2 ml! {qzzllq g2Lai½l .$iaalLi pLzll uµnll @äµllq @zzïnall äiqa @lzzïnLi
The User. (a) agrees to occupy, use and keep the Designated Facility at the risk of the User; and FOR INFORMATION ONLY
The User. In the default condition, the user indicates the person who signed the LA. The user must have one fixed email associate with his/her working place, e.g., a university ( or a company (, and the LA has to be signed with the affiliated email address. In case of students in universities, or temporal employees of companies who do not have fixed affiliated email address, the LA should be signed by a supervisor. The supervisor should sign with his/her work email address affiliates with the workplace, and fill in all students/employees’ info (name, registered ID for the competition) that associate with him/her. The signer is fully responsible of all users associated with his/her signature in case of any issue related with violation of the LA.
The User. 7.1 We are, neither at the beginning nor at the end of the Parking Agreement, obliged to check whether the User is entitled to use the (motor) vehicle.
The User a physical person with full legal capacity in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia, who has committed a conclusive action to conclude the Agreement and who has the Authentication data for access to the « QIWI Wallet» payment service for its use in order to manage his/her/its User Account, to replenish the User Account Balance (by the purchase of Electronic money) and/or make Payments.
The User. (a) may utilise its Contract Capacity applicable to the relevant Capacity Product(s) during each hour of each Gas Day during the Transportation Period applicable to the same Capacity Product, by sending corresponding Nomination or Renomination to the Transporter in accordance with the Nomination procedures set out in the Article 14 of Network Code, to:
The User are not allowed to do anything that may cause any prejudice to CIRAD and / or Pl@ntNet Partners and / or other users; • are not allowed to use the services made available herein contrary to applicable laws and regulations and / or violating the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights and / or the right to privacy; • must not interfere, hinder, distort the proper functioning of the services made available, or use the services in any manner whatsoever to harm the rights of other users, third parties or CIRAD; • must not circumvent the means implemented by CIRAD and / or its Pl@ntNet Partners in order to guarantee the security of access to the services made available and their functioning; • are not allowed to use any means of circumventing the technical identification procedures implemented by CIRAD; • are not authorized to reconstitute all or part of the content of the services made available on which no rights are granted.
The User a legally competent adult person (or the legal representative of a minor) who has completed registration in the Application and has the civil rights and legal capacity and is capable in accordance with Russian Federation legislation to acquire rights and bear obligations in their own name and to be a party in accordance with the Agreement.