Rate of Pay for Sample Clauses

Rate of Pay for. Sick Leave Used to Cover Missed Overtime - An employee may use paid leave for scheduled mandatory overtime shifts missed due to eligible sick leave reasons. Payment for the missed shifts shall be at the straight-time rate of pay the employee would have earned had he or she worked. An employee may not use paid sick leave for missed voluntary overtime shifts, which is scheduled work that the employee elected or agreed to add to his or her schedule.
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Rate of Pay for. Paid Time Off. PTO shall be paid at one hundred percent (100%) of the employee’s current regular straight time hourly rate at the time the PTO is taken.
Rate of Pay for. Annual Leave Annual leave shall be paid at the ordinary weekly wage rate for ordinary hours. At the employee’s discretion this may be paid to the employee either immediately prior to the leave or at the normal weekly pay periods during the leave.

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  • Rate of Pay a. An Employee who is employed as a teacher teaching on call shall be paid 1/189 of his/her category classification and experience, to a maximum of the rate at Category 5 Step 7, for each full day worked.

  • Rate of Payment F9.16 While an employee is on a period of purchased leave the employee will be paid at the rate of pay used to calculate the employee’s deduction.

  • Rate of Pay on Promotion 44.3.1 When an employee is appointed by the Council to a higher classification level in the same group, he shall be paid at the nearest rate in the new classification level which gives the employee a salary increase not less than the minimum increment of the higher classification level to which he is being appointed by the Council. If there is no such rate the employee shall be paid the maximum rate in his new scale.

  • Regular Rate of Pay The regular rate of pay for each position in the bargaining unit shall be in accordance with the rates established for each class provided for in Appendix B. The regular rate of pay shall include any longevity increment required to be paid under this Agreement.

  • Daily Rate of Pay In applying these provisions an employee's daily rate of pay shall be the daily rate including career increments at the time of retirement, as provided in the basic salary schedule for the fiscal year, and shall not include any additional compensation for overtime, or other extra compensation.

  • Date of payment Should the principal of or interest on the Notes become due and payable on other than a Business Day, the maturity thereof shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day and in the case of principal, interest shall be payable thereon at the rate per annum specified in the Notes during such extension.

  • RATES OF PAYMENT B3.1 Current Contract Rates. Included Timber that is removed by Purchaser and presented for Scaling in the product form stated in A2 shall be paid for at Current Contract Rates determined under this Section. “Current Contract Rates” shall be (a) Flat Rates and (b) Tentative Rates adjusted by the escalation procedures in B3.2. Flat Rates and Tentative Rates shall be those listed in A4, unless superseded by rates redetermined under B3.3 or established for Contract Term Extension. In addition, Re- quired Deposits shall be made as listed in A4, C5.32, and C6.816, or established under B3.3 or B8.23. In the event Termination Date is adjusted under B8.21 or B8.212, Current Contract Rates shall be contin- ued in the same manner as immediately prior to the ad- justment period. Notwithstanding B8.23, Current Contract Rates for timber cut and removed from Sale Area that remains un- scaled after Termination Date, as adjusted or extended, shall be Current Contract Rates in effect on Termination Date. “Current Contract Value” is the sum of the products of Current Contract Rates and estimated remaining un- scaled volumes by species of Included Timber meeting Utilization Standards.

  • Rates of Pay Employees will be paid in accordance with the rates of pay negotiated by the parties of this agreement. The applicable rates of pay are recorded as Appendix A (Wage Grid) of this agreement.

  • Time of Payment Any Gross-Up Payment provided for herein shall be paid not later than the 30th day following the payment of any compensation or the provision of any benefit which causes such payment to be made; provided, however, that if the amount of such payment cannot be finally determined on or before such day, the Company shall pay on such day an estimate of the minimum amount of such payment and shall pay the remainder of such payment (together with interest calculated in a manner similar to that described in Subparagraph (b)) as soon as the amount thereof can be determined. In the event that the amount of an estimated payment exceeds the amount subsequently determined to have been due, such excess shall constitute a loan by the Company to the Executive, payable on the 30th day after demand by the Company (together with interest calculated in a manner similar to that described in Subparagraph (b)).

  • Accrual Rate of Sick Leave With Pay Credits Full-time employees shall accrue eight (8) hours of sick leave with pay credits for each full month worked. Employees who work less than the full month but at least thirty-two (32) hours during the month shall accrue sick leave with pay on a pro rata basis for the month.

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