HEALTH AND Sample Clauses

HEALTH AND out for ratification to the affected membership of UTU? Yes
HEALTH AND. SAFETY At the request of Incumbent, PathNet shall require its employees, agents and Subcontractors to comply with Incumbent's reasonable rules and regulations governing the health and safety of its employees in effect on the Effective Date, which rules and regulations are attached hereto as SCHEDULE H.
HEALTH AND. ‌‌ Article IV - Health and Welfare of the 2002 National Agreement is amended to read as follows:
HEALTH AND. The Union and the Corporation shall co-operate in taking reasonable steps to maintain safety in applying and upholding the provisions of any applicable safety legislation in Ontario. A Health and Safety Committee shall be established in accordance with the Occupation Health and Safety Act, as amended. The Health and Safety Committee shall hold meetings as set out in the Act. An employee who is injured during working hours and is required to leave for treatment or is sent home for such injury shall receive payment for the remainder of the shift at regular rate of pay without deduction, unless a doctor states that the employee is fit for further work on that shift. Transportation to the nearest physician or hospital for employees requiring medical care as a result of an accident shall be at the expense of the Corporation. A first aid kit shall be supplied by the Corporation to each City vehicle. JOHNAMBULANCE COURSE The Corporation will reimburse the registration fee of up to three (3) employees from each bargaining unit who take the John Ambulance Course in First Aid in their hours provided they successfully complete the course.
HEALTH AND. Welfare benefits shall end upon resignation or termination of employment of any Bargaining Unit employee. Ending date is the last day of the month in which the resignation was effective.
HEALTH AND. This is to confirm the Gallery's and Union's commitment during collective bargaining negotiations of the: Gallery's to review Health and Welfare benefits referred to in Article Health and Welfare of the Agreement. This review may result in a decision by the Gallery to carriers. This review also with the Union's agreement, to changes in the nature or level of or benefits and/or the share of the premium costs for some or all benefits. The Gallery will involve and its in this review as part of the under the Agreement or otherwise as the and the may agree. Susan E. Human Resources Director .Art Gallery of Letter of Understanding Ontario Service Avenue Suite Toronto, Ontario The Plan. the Union agree to form a to look at improvements to the include, but are not limited to:
HEALTH AND. A Joint Health and Safety Committee shall be established. Such Committee shall be made up of not more than three (3) members from each of the Parties. After each hour of continuous operation of a computer, a computer operator shall be relieved of such duties for a period of ten (10) minutes. At the beginning of assignment to a computer, and annually thereafter, a computer operator who is regularly required to operate a computer for two (2) hours or more per day shall be required to undergo an eye examination by an optometrist who is qualified to conduct the following tests:
HEALTH AND. The Company and the Union agree that a joint health and safety committee, consisting of Union and Management personnel of the Employer, w i l l be established. This committee w i l l meet quarterly or as requested. ARTICLE