HEALTH AND Sample Clauses

HEALTH AND out for ratification to the affected membership of UTU? Yes
HEALTH AND. The Hospital and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Hospital in order to prevent accidents, injury or illness. Recognizing its responsibilities under the applicable legislation, the Hospital agrees to accept as a member of its Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee a representative selected or appointed by the Union from the bargaining unit per site. Such Committee shall identify potential dangers and hazards, institute means of improving health and safety programs and recommend actions to be taken to improve conditions related to safety and health. Meetings shall be held in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee or more frequently at the call of the chairs if required. The Committee shall maintain minutes of all meetings and make the same available for review.
HEALTH AND. The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the home in order to prevent injury and illness. A joint management and employee health and safety com- mittee shall be constituted with representation of at least half by employees from the various bargaining units and of employees who are not represented by unions and who do not exercise mana- gerial functions, which shall identify potential dangers, recom- mend means of improving the and safety programs and obtain information from the employer or other persons respecting the identification of hazards and standards elsewhere. The committee shall normally meet at least once a month. Scheduled time spent in such meetings is to be considered time worked. Minutes shall be taken of all meetings and copies shall be sent to the and to the Union. The Union agrees to limit representation from the full-time and part-time bargaining units to one joint representative which may be increased by mutual agreement of the parties, Two representatives of the joint health and safety committee, one (1) from management and one from the employees on a rotating basis designated by the employees, make monthly inspections of the work place and equipment and shall report to the health and safety committee the results of their inspection, In the event of accident or injury, such representatives shall be notified immediately and shall investi- gate and report as soon as possible to the committee and to the Employer on the nature and causes of the accident or injury. Furthermore, such representatives must be notified of the inspection by a government inspector and shall have the right to accompany him on his inspection. Scheduled time spent in all such activities shall be considered as time worked. The Joint Health and Safety Committee and the representa- tives thereof shall have reasonable access to the annual summary of data from The Workers' Compensation Board relating to the number of work accident fatalities, the number of lost workday cases, the number of lost work-days, the number of non-fatal cases that required medical aid without lost work-days, the incidence of occupational injuries, and such other data as The Compensation Board may decide to disclose The Union agrees to endeavour to obtain the full co- operation of its membership in the observation of all safety rules and practices.
HEALTH AND. Welfare Benefits shall apply to all local collective agreements except as otherwise stated.
HEALTH AND. The Parties agree that occupational health and safety is vitally important to all employees working under this Collective Agreement. The Parties agree that occupational health and safety training is crucial in order for all persons to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
HEALTH AND. SAFETY At the request of Incumbent, PathNet shall require its employees, agents and Subcontractors to comply with Incumbent's reasonable rules and regulations governing the health and safety of its employees in effect on the Effective Date, which rules and regulations are attached hereto as SCHEDULE H.
HEALTH AND. Health and Welfare payments to be made to the trust in effect currently between the parties on an hourly banking formula; effective March thirty-five (35) cents, maximum per hour work- ed: May will be max- imum per hour worked: May will be one (41) cents, maximum per hour worked, in accordance following formula: the above stated amounts will be paid on behalf of those full- time regular employees who have completed their under the scope clause whereas only those employees that work regularly twenty-four (24) hours per week or more shall be classified as full- time regular employees after completion of their fifty (50) days worked, the stated amounts per hour will be paid on behalf of all employees that work on a regular basis of twenty or more hours per week upon completion of the proba- tionary period of fifty (50) working days worked. It is understood and agreed by the parties to the Agreement that this amendment to the scope pro- vision only applies to the & Welfare Benefit by the payment on behalf of the Employees of the stated amounts provided therein and does not in any way adjust or alter the intent of the scope as provided by this provision. A further example of this intent is to provide health and welfare care for those employeesthat are hired under the scope classifications to fill jobs that are limited to only four (4) hours daily over a five (5) consecutive day period, due to the nature of the peak periods that occur in the hotel business. Notwithstanding this provision it is recognized by the parties that part- time employees from time-to-time may exceedtheir twenty (20) hours but still retain their status of part-time and do not qualify for these benefits. The parties agree that the above-noted plan will be administered by the labour-management Committee. It is agreed that separate and apart from any pro- vision containedin the article or elsewhere in this Agreement, the Hotel will provide its own Welfare Plan in accordance with their letter dated January Full-time regular employees of the Employer, on completion of one year’s continuous service shall be entitled to receive weekly indemnity allowances subject to the following provisions:
HEALTH AND. Welfare benefits shall end upon resignation or termination of employment of any Bargaining Unit employee. Ending date is the last day of the month in which the resignation was effective.
HEALTH AND. A Health and Safety Committee be established and will meet within the first half of each month for the purpose of discussing matters pertaining to health and safety. This committee may submit to management recommendations concerning the health and safety of the employees. Emergencymeetings will be held upon mutual consent of the parties. The committee will be composed as follows: Equal representation, three (3) members appointed by the Union and three (3) members appointed by the Company. The Human Resources Manager and the Safety Chairman will act as coordinator for meetings, minutes and follow-up for corrective actions. In cases of absence of the appointed members, two substitute members can act as replacements. Each of the parties hereto will notify the other in writing as to the names of its appointed members and substitutes. No member or substitute will be recognized until notification is received. The Company will provide and maintain an adequate first aid station on Company premises. The parties hereto will ensure compliancewith ail applicable government statutes and regulations in respect to safety and health.