Expiry of Sample Clauses

Expiry of. “Term” of Concession Agreement At the end of the Term of Concession Agreement as per Article 2.7, the Concessioning Authority would either run the Project Facility itself or offer it for private sector participation.
Expiry of. 30 days after the borrower receives the written notice on repayment from the lender;

Related to Expiry of

  • Expiry Date Each Syndicated Letter of Credit shall expire at or prior to the close of business on the date one year after the date of the issuance of such Syndicated Letter of Credit (or, in the case of any renewal or extension thereof, one year after such renewal or extension); provided that in no event shall any Syndicated Letter of Credit have an expiry date later than the first anniversary of the Commitment Termination Date.

  • Renewal (a) This Agreement will be renewed for successive periods of ten (10) years upon the expiration of the initial Term set forth in Section 4.1 and each successive Term, unless:

  • Expiry This contract shall continue in force until the earliest of:

  • Extension Time limits specified in this Agreement may be extended by mutual agreement.

  • EXPIRATION AND RENEWAL 32.01 This Agreement shall be in effect from November 1, 2019, and shall remain in effect until October 31, 2021, and thereafter from year to year, but either party may, not less than thirty (30) days or more than ninety (90) days before the expiry date or the anniversary date of such expiry date from year to year thereafter, give notice in writing to the other party of a desire to terminate such Agreement or to negotiate a revision thereof.

  • Renewal, Extension or Rearrangement All provisions of this Agreement relating to Obligations shall apply with equal force and effect to each and all promissory notes executed hereafter which in whole or in part represent a renewal, extension for any period, increase, or rearrangement of any part of the Obligations originally represented by any part of such other Obligations.

  • CONTRACT PERIOD AND RENEWAL The Contract is effective on the signature date of the latter of the Parties to sign this agreement and terminates on March 15, 2021, unless renewed, extended, or terminated pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Contract. The Parties may extend this Contract subject to mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

  • Amendment or Revocation It is agreed by and between the parties hereto that, during the lifetime of the Insured, this Agreement may be amended or revoked at any time or times, in whole or in part, by the mutual written consent of the Insured and the Bank.