Specific Requirements definition

Specific Requirements means the specifications with respect to the composition and physical specifications of Natural Gas as defined in Operating Procedures Specific Requirements (ACT - attachment C.4).
Specific Requirements. The existing landscaped areas and trees in the school premises are to be protected. 59 3.10 Articles of Value Item
Specific Requirements an addendum to this Agreement which lists the type, price, and other specifics of the Work to be performed and materials to be supplied.

Examples of Specific Requirements in a sentence

  • Bidders should be thorough in addressing the Specific Requirements and the Bid Submittal Requirements as outlined in this ITB.

  • Offerors should be thorough in addressing the Specific Requirements and the Proposal Submittal Requirements as outlined in this RFP.

  • The specific requirements for each of these criteria are provided in Part 2.Part 2: Specific Requirements for the CriteriaThe legal entity or entities comprising the Bidder, and not the Bidder’s parent companies, subsidiaries, or affiliates, must satisfy the qualification criteria described below.

  • Specific Requirements: Employers Liability (Stop Gap): The Contractor will at all times comply with all applicable workers’ compensation, occupational disease, and occupational health and safety laws, statutes, and regulations to the full extent applicable and will maintain Employers Liability insurance with a limit of no less than $1,000,000.00.

  • In accordance with Article 17.3, the Parties shall exchange all necessary information for the efficient management of the Specific Requirements.

More Definitions of Specific Requirements

Specific Requirements. All subcontracts shall contain provisions specifying: That the work performed by the subcontractor be in accordance with the applicable terms of this Agreement between Estancia Corazón, Inc. and CONTRACTOR; That nothing contained in such subcontract agreement shall impair the rights of Estancia Corazón, Inc. or PRDOH; That nothing contained herein, or under this Agreement will create any contractual relation between the subcontractor and the PRDOH; That the subcontractor specifically agrees to be bound by the confidentiality provision regarding Personal Identifiable Information set forth in this Agreement; That CONTRACTOR will be responsible for ensuring all subcontract work is performed consistent with federal and state regulations and/or policies to be eligible for reimbursement of the approved work; and All Federal flow down provisions are included in the subcontract agreement per Federal guidelines. Monitoring: CONTRACTOR shall diligently monitor all subcontracted services. If CONTRACTOR discovers any areas of noncompliance, CONTRACTOR shall provide Estancia Corazón, Inc. summarized written reports supported with documented evidence of corrective action. Likewise, Estancia Corazón, Inc. as Subrecipient to PRDOH, will monitor all contracted services on a regular basis to assure contract compliance, and that results of monitoring efforts will be summarized in written reports to PRDOH and supported with documented evidence of follow-up actions taken to correct areas of noncompliance. Content: CONTRACTOR shall cause all the applicable provisions of this Agreement to be included in, and made a part of, any subcontract executed in the performance of this Agreement. Likewise, Estancia Corazón, Inc. as Subrecipient will cause all of the provisions of the SRA in its entirety to be included in and made a part of this agreement.
Specific Requirements means the specific requirements for a Contract, if any, identified in the Order;
Specific Requirements means: (a) in respect of Construction Works, the Construction Requirements; and
Specific Requirements. To prepare and facilitate the filing of U.S. and corresponding international patent applications in order to protect the composition and use of new compounds and, where compounds are known, to protect their use in the treatment of a particular disease.
Specific Requirements means all written material, documents and requirements which are specific to a particular Purchase Order, and may include a Statement of Work, Contract Specifications, Customer Requirements, description of Acceptance Tests, Drawings, Project Plan or milestones, as agreed by the Parties prior to execution of the Supply Contract.
Specific Requirements means those additional requirements of the Landowner which are attached to this Agreement and headed “Specific Requirements” and which are set out at Schedule 3 to this Agreement and signed by both parties.
Specific Requirements means the specification for the Goods plus any requirements, terms and conditions in relation to any specific client, premises or project that apply to this Order, and which are provided in writing by Mace to the Vendor.