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AT WORK. An employee injured at work shall be paid for the balance of the shift on which the injury occurred if, as a result of such injury, the employee requires medical treatment as defined under the Worker's Compensation Act.
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AT WORK. The workers are obligated to carry out the job assigned to them by the Company, with the utmost care, efficiency and dedication, in order to obtain the best quality products and to be as productive as possible.
AT WORK. Your Union Contract icationofthePublic ctivenegotiationswi yeesservin Recognition Employment Relations Board, if le Part Time Employees Revised January 2019 FAST FACTS th respect to o The following provides highlights of UUP-negotiated benefits and other provisions available to part-time employees— Academics and Professionals whose work obligation is less than 100 percent Full Time Equivalent (FTE). The list below is not exhaustive, but is meant to flag key areas of importance. Union membership: • Part-time employees are members of the collective bargaining unit represented by UUP. Employees who join UUP by signing a membership card are full UUP members. They receive a full vote in all union chapter elections and contract ratifications. They may hold any office in UUP and have all the same rights as full-time employees. [Article III] • The UUP constitution requires that every UUP Chapter have an elected Officer for Contingents. The Officer for Contingents represents part-time and full-time UUP members who are not eligible for “tenure,” i.e., continuing appointment for academ- ics, permanent appointment for professionals. [Article VII] All of the following Articles referenced are in the 2016-2022 NYS-UUP Agreement at the following link: xxxx:// Appointments: • Part-time employees receive appointment letters informing them of their compensation, the duties they are required to perform, and the type and duration of their appointments. In addition, part-time employee appointment letters identify benefits for which they are eligible, e.g., health, leave, and other specified benefits. Appointment letters are crucial in setting the full professional obligation for part-time employees. Work duties not specified in appointment letters should not be performed without additional compensation. [Contract Article 30.3 (a) and (b)] • After 4 consecutive semesters, part-time employees who are reappointed will receive a “term” appointment. A “term appointment entitles employees to a job for the period of time specified in their appointment letters. SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees PDF/Policies.pdf Article XI, Title D, Paragraph 2, Section (b). [Contract Article 30.1] • If they are not to be rehired when their “term” expires, they are entitled to at least 45 calendar days of notice prior to expiration of their current term appointment. [Contract Articl...
AT WORK. All employees must report to their work area (in where required) at the assigned starting time and remain on duty until five (5) minutes immediately prior to the end of the full working shift.
AT WORK. An employee who is injured during working hours and is required to leave for treatment .of such injury, shall receive payment for the remainder of the shift at their hourly rate of pay, unless the doctor states that the employee is fit for further work on that shift.
AT WORK. 81.1 AIMS and its Staff recognise that all persons at the workplace are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Accordingly, the parties commit to eliminating any and all forms (including direct and indirect) of workplace bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and vilification.
AT WORK. Where an employee is the victim of an accident while at work and so suffers an injury requiring professional medical attention, the Company agrees that he shall suffer no loss of on the day of the accident by reason of his necessary absence from work to receive such treatment. If a delay in receipt of payment by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, or a payment by the carrier of Weekly Income Benefits, would create an undue hardship for an employee, he may receive a pay advance of up to per pay period. Such advances are to be repaid to the Company upon receipt of the related claim payment.
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  • THE WORK The Work comprises the completed construction required by the Contract Documents and includes all labor necessary to produce such construction, and all materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in such construction.

  • Work The definition of work, for overtime purposes only, includes:

  • Development Work The Support Standards do not include development work either (i) on software not licensed from CentralSquare or (ii) development work for enhancements or features that are outside the documented functionality of the Solutions, except such work as may be specifically purchased and outlined in Exhibit 1. CentralSquare retains all Intellectual Property Rights in development work performed and Customer may request consulting and development work from CentralSquare as a separate billable service.

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • Creative Work The Executive agrees that all creative work and work product, including but not limited to all technology, business management tools, processes, software, patents, trademarks, and copyrights developed by the Executive during the term of this Agreement, regardless of when or where such work or work product was produced, constitutes work made for hire, all rights of which are owned by the Employer. The Executive hereby assigns to the Employer all rights, title, and interest, whether by way of copyrights, trade secret, trademark, patent, or otherwise, in all such work or work product, regardless of whether the same is subject to protection by patent, trademark, or copyright laws.

  • Tenant’s Work After the Commencement Date, Tenant at its sole cost and expense intends to construct leasehold improvements in the Demised Premises (“Tenant’s Work”) as detailed in the plans and specifications to be prepared by Tenant’s architect (“TI Architect”). Tenant shall be allowed to select a general contractor to perform the Tenant’s Work, provided said general contractor shall be properly licensed, bonded and of a reputation reasonably acceptable to Landlord. An affiliate of Landlord, Minkoff Development Corporation (“MDC”), shall act as Landlord’s construction manager to review plans and oversee construction of the Tenant’s Work by the general contractor. MDC shall receive a fee equal to one percent (1%) of the cost of the Tenant’s Work, which fee shall not exceed $50,000. Tenant shall have the right to submit plans for the Tenant’s Work in stages for portions of the Demised Premises. Tenant shall cause the TI Architect to prepare and deliver to Landlord for Landlord’s or MDC’s review preliminary plans (architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural, if necessary) and specifications for the proposed leasehold improvements (the “Preliminary Plans”). Landlord shall have five (5) business days after its receipt thereof (or such additional time as may reasonably be necessary) to review the Preliminary Plans, request any changes it deems reasonably appropriate, and indicate on the Preliminary Plans which portions of the leasehold improvements are to be removed by Tenant prior to the expiration or termination of the Lease. The TI Architect shall modify the Preliminary Plans to accommodate Landlord’s changes, and resubmit the revised plans (the “Revised Preliminary Plans”) to Landlord for approval. If Tenant or the TI Architect elect not to make said changes to the Preliminary Plans, then Landlord shall have the right to require Tenant to perform corresponding restoration work to effect said changes prior to the expiration or termination of the Lease. Upon receipt of Landlord’s approval of the Revised Preliminary Plans, the TI Architect shall prepare a complete set of construction drawings and specifications for the construction of the proposed leasehold improvements (the “Working Drawings”). The Working Drawings shall be in sufficient detail for (i) Tenant’s general contractor to obtain bids from all trades for and to perform the work described on the Working Drawings; (ii) Tenant’s general contractor to secure building permits from the requisite governmental authorities having jurisdiction over same; and (iii) Landlord or MDC to indicate the portion of Tenant’s Work, if any, which Tenant is to remove by expiration or termination of the Lease. The Working Drawings shall conform to and be consistent with the Revised Preliminary Plans and comply with all applicable Laws and Insurance Requirements, as those terms are defined in the Lease. The Working Drawings shall be submitted to MDC for review and approval, which approval (or a request for changes to be made) shall be given within ten (10) days after receipt thereof. Within five (5) business days after MDC’s approval of the Working Drawings, as modified by any revisions requested by MDC, Landlord and Tenant shall initial same to confirm their mutual approval thereof (the “Approved Working Drawings ”). The Approved Working Drawings will indicate which portions of the Tenant’s Work, if any, will have to be removed by Tenant prior to the expiration or termination of the Lease, and Tenant will timely comply with such requirement and repair any damage to the Land or the Building caused thereby at its own expense. Tenant will have no obligation to remove any other portion of the Tenant’s Work.

  • Tenant Work Before commencing any repair or Alteration (“Tenant Work”), Tenant shall deliver to Landlord, and obtain Landlord’s approval of, (a) names of contractors, subcontractors, mechanics, laborers and materialmen; (b) evidence of contractors’ and subcontractors’ insurance; and (c) any required governmental permits. Tenant shall perform all Tenant Work (i) in a good and workmanlike manner using materials of a quality reasonably approved by Landlord; (ii) in compliance with any approved plans and specifications, all Laws, the National Electric Code, and Landlord’s construction rules and regulations; and (iii) in a manner that does not impair the Base Building. If, as a result of any Tenant Work, Landlord becomes required under Law to perform any inspection, give any notice, or cause such Tenant Work to be performed in any particular manner, Tenant shall comply with such requirement and promptly provide Landlord with reasonable documentation of such compliance. Landlord’s approval of Tenant’s plans and specifications shall not relieve Tenant from any obligation under this Section 7.3. In performing any Tenant Work, Tenant shall not use contractors, services, labor, materials or equipment that, in Landlord’s reasonable judgment, would disturb labor harmony with any workforce or trades engaged in performing other work or services at the Project.

  • Statement of Work The Contractor shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:

  • Production Work The Company may use Outside Entities to perform production work outside the plant and its environs provided the Company demonstrates that it is utilizing plant equipment to the maximum extent consistent with equipment capability and customer requirements and the Company is making necessary capital investments to remain competitive in the steel business and is in compliance with Article Eleven, Section B (Investment Commitment).

  • Commencement of Work Engineer shall not commence any field work under this Contract until he/she/it has obtained all required insurance and such insurance has been approved by County. As further set out below, Engineer shall not allow any subcontractor/subconsultant(s) to commence work to be performed in connection with this Contract until all required insurance has been obtained and approved and such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Approval of the insurance by County shall not relieve or decrease the liability of Engineer hereunder.

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