TO PROVIDE SERVICES. To use best endeavours to provide the Services in an efficient and cost effective manner at all times acting in accordance with the principles of good estate management unless prevented by any matter outside the control of the Landlord Provided That:
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TO PROVIDE SERVICES. 4.3.1 The Authority shall discharge all the obligations of a Water Supply and Sewerage Authority within the area specified in the First Schedule, for the term of the Contract.
TO PROVIDE SERVICES. Throughout the Lease Term, to provide directly or indirectly the Services (and in terms of the media to use its best efforts to ensure that such Services are provided by third parties without any interruption) in an efficient and economic manner and in accordance with the principles of good real estate management. The Landlord shall take all reasonable steps to keep to a minimum and to remedy any interruptions or delays in the provision of Services, however the Landlord shall not be liable for any interruptions or delays in connection with the provision of the Services due to circumstances beyond its control. For the avoidance of doubt, the above obligation also includes the duty of the Landlord to ensure that the Building is adequately safeguarded against fire risk as required by Polish law. The Landlord shall ensure that any repair or refurbishment of the Building is done in a manner that does not interrupt production. The Tenant shall be notified minimum 90 days prior to major works (understood as works on the structural elements of the Building). Works that will influence production shall not be implemented without written consent from the Tenant concerning the time when such works shall be implemented, not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The above stipulations do not apply to situations in which the failure to undertake the repair immediately results in a threat to human life or health.
TO PROVIDE SERVICES. S. 6.5: “Suspension of Services: The LL shall be entitled, without obligation of liability to the tenant, to suspend or to modify any service the LL is required to provide under this art. 6 or any other provision of the lease, for the time necessary or for the time deemed reasonable by the LL, following an accident or for the purpose of making repairs, replacements, alterations or improvements, or for any reason beyond the LL’s control. The LL shall incur no liability to the tenant as a result of any failure to supply any of these services, for any reason whatsoever, even should there have been error or negligence on the part of the LL or the LL’s representatives, and there shall be no reduction of the Rent or diminution of the tenant’s obligations as a result of such failure. The LL shall, however, to the extent possible, remedy such failure with due diligence and dispatch.” The question is how valid these clauses are: To what extent can you contract out of the obligation to provide peaceful enjoyment of the premises? The answer so far in the case law has been that the incidents of the obligation to provide peaceful enjoyment are not of public order.
TO PROVIDE SERVICES. 14 6. AGREEMENTS................................................... 14
TO PROVIDE SERVICES. To supply the Services in accordance with Part II of the Second SCHEDULE.
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TO PROVIDE SERVICES shall provide Services to Customer in accordance with the Rates (reduced by the Discounts), terms and conditions, set forth herein; Customer agrees to pay for Services in accordance with the provisions of Section 6 hereof; these obligations are to be construed as mutually dependent covenants. Services will be available for any use by End Users.
TO PROVIDE SERVICES. Subject to the payment by the Lessee of the sums referred to in Clause 2.4 hereof the Lessors will as far as reasonably possible provide the Services PROVIDED that
TO PROVIDE SERVICES. 5.4 Subject to payment by the Tenant of its due proportion of the Block 3 Service Charge attributable to the Demised Premises calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Fifth Schedule, at all time throughout the term of this Lease and so far as the Landlord considers necessary to execute provide or make available the Services in an efficient manner in accordance with the principles of good estate management at a reasonable and competitive price PROVIDED ALWAYS that in performing its obligations hereunder the Landlord shall be entitled in its discretion to employ Agents, Contractors (including Independent Contractors) or such other persons as the Landlord may reasonably from time to time think fit to provide any one or more of its obligations hereunder PROVIDED FURTHER:-
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