Day Off Sample Clauses

Day Off. A “Day Off” is a day which is not a Work Day.
Day Off. Day off schedules will be established according to seniority, wher- ever this does not restrict or hamper operations. The Company will not be unreasonable in the application of this provision and any claimed abuse as to the use of “restrict or hamper operations,” shall be referred to the Company by the Union. Assignment of Sunday, holiday and day off work on basis of sen- iority shall be mutually agreed upon as to each center. Day off schedules for all classifications shall be posted by Thursday evening of the preceding week.
Day Off. It is understood that will be the pastor’s usual day off each week.
Day Off. Standby on Overtime When the operator is on an AM standby working overtime, the depot will split the work at a relief point at the earliest possible time after 09:00 provided it leaves a minimum of 2 hours.
Day Off. Two hour minimum compensatory time and hour for hour thereafter.
Day Off. (i) Where round trip completed within the day: - Time and one-half (l½x) for time expended between member leaving residence and returning to his residence.
Day Off. On your scheduled day off we will reimburse you one (1) hour of overtime pay each day for maintenance for a total of two
Day Off. Portland Fire & Rescue Canine Handlers who have a Fire Investigation Canine kenneled at their residence shall be paid a premium of one hour pay at time-and-one-half (1½) of the regular rate per day when they perform “kennel time” for their dog on their day off. “Kennel time” includes but is not limited to exercising the dog, grooming the dog, and cleaning up the dog run and similar duties.
Day Off. Any calendar day free of duty at home base. The minimum number of days off in a standard month shall be as follows, except as provided for elsewhere in this Agreement.
Day Off. Day off Employees refusing or working overtime on days off will not be marked on sheet nor will employees on Union business be marked on sheet. Maximum Overtime Maximum number of hours employee will be asked to work on any one day will be seventeen (17). Shifts Ramp Shifts hours to hours shifts to be covered by those working hours to hours, then those working Midnights, and then those working hours to hours prior to anyone else being requested. Credits Anyone working overtime of four (4) hours or more will be credited.