Per cent definition

Per cent or "percentage" means the percentage by weight.
Per cent means the percentage of metals prescribed for any coin;
Per cent or "percentage" means the percentage of weight.

Examples of Per cent in a sentence

  • Other adverse reactions, which occur rarely, in approximately (e.g., one in 1,000 patients), are (list reactions).’’ Per- cent figures may not ordinarily be used unless they are documented by ade- quate and well-controlled studies as de- fined in § 314.126(b) of this chapter, they are shown to reflect general experi- ence, and they do not falsely imply a greater degree of accuracy than actu- ally exists.

  • The Contractor shall submit an irrevocable Performance Guarantee of 3% (Three Per cent) of the tendered value also an Additional Performance Guarantee, if required, of an amount advised by the Engineer-in-Charge in case the bid is considered unbalanced by him for the contractors proper performance of the contract agreement (not withstanding and/or without prejudice to any other provisions in the contract) within the period specified in Contract Data from the date of issue of Letter of Acceptance.

  • Any descriptions that were re- corded of meteorological condiitons in target and control areas during the pe- riods of operation; for example: Per- cent of cloud cover, temperature, hu- midity, the presence of lightning, hail, funnel clouds, heavy rain or snow, and unusual radar patterns.

  • Per- cent load may range between 0 percent to above 100 percent.Potential to emit means the maximum capacity of a stationary source to emit a pollutant under its physical and oper- ational design.

  • AG: Special safeguards (in %)Per cent of HS six-digit subheadings in the schedule of agricultural concessions with at least one tariff line subject to Special Safeguards (SSG).

More Definitions of Per cent

Per cent means per centum;
Per cent means per cent by weight unless otherwise stated; “pharmacist” means a person who is registered as a member of
Per cent or “%” means per centum or percentage;
Per cent means percentage;
Per cent. GROUP means each of the following Shareholder Groups:
Per cent or "percentages" means percentages by weight.
Per cent means percentage by mass;