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An External. Market Buyer may withdraw from this Agreement by giving written notice to the Office of the Interconnection specifying an effective date of withdrawal at least one day after the date of the notice.
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An External. Market Buyer may refuse delivery of some or all of the energy it requested to purchase by notifying the Office of the Interconnection of the adjustment in deliveries not later than 60 minutes prior to the hour in which the adjustment is to take effect. Any such refusal of delivery shall be subject to non-delivery charges in accordance with this Schedule.
An External. Market Buyer shall submit to the Office of the Interconnection requests to purchase specified amounts of energy for each hour of the Operating Day during which it intends to purchase from the PJM Interchange Energy Market, along with Dispatch Rate levels above which it does not desire to purchase, in accordance with the specifications set forth in the PJM Manuals.
An External. Market Buyer that does not take delivery of the amounts of energy specified in its request to purchase shall be assessed a non-delivery charge, or if using Point-to-Point service within the PJM Control Area shall pay for imbalance service as specified in the Tariff. The non-delivery charge shall be calculated as the summation for all applicable busses of the product of (i) the Locational Marginal Price at each load bus at which delivery was not taken, times (ii) the amount of energy not taken each hour at such bus. The non-delivery charge shall not apply to deliveries curtailed by the Office of the Interconnection in accordance with this Schedule, or for periods when the Dispatch Rate exceeds the maximum value specified by the External Market Buyer in accordance with this Schedule. Payments or credits for non-delivery charges shall be used by the Office of the Interconnection to reduce or offset PJM Control Area costs for Operating Reserves.
An External. Market Buyer or an Internal Market Buyer that is not a Load Serving Entity may withdraw from this Agreement by giving written notice to the Office of the Interconnection specifying an effective date of withdrawal at least one day after the date of the notice. Issued By: Xxxxxxx X. Drom Effective: November 10, 2000 Vice President, General Counsel Issued On: November 9, 2000 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C Original Sheet No. 66 First Revised Rate Schedule FERC No. 24
An External. Market Buyer's hourly schedules for energy purchased from the PJM Interchange Energy Market shall conform to the ramping and other applicable requirements of the interconnection agreement between the PJM Control Area and the Control Area to which, whether as an intermediate or final point of delivery, the purchased energy will initially be delivered. Issued By: Xxxxxxx X. Drom Effective: November 10, 2000 Vice President, General Counsel Issued On: November 9, 2000 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Original Sheet No. 86 First Revised Rate Schedule FERC No. 24

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  • ANALYSIS AND MONITORING The Custodian shall (a) provide the Fund (or its duly-authorized investment manager or investment adviser) with an analysis of the custody risks associated with maintaining assets with the Eligible Securities Depositories set forth on Schedule B hereto in accordance with section (a)(1)(i)(A) of Rule 17f-7, and (b) monitor such risks on a continuing basis, and promptly notify the Fund (or its duly-authorized investment manager or investment adviser) of any material change in such risks, in accordance with section (a)(1)(i)(B) of Rule 17f-7.

  • Base Management Fee The Base Management Fee will be calculated at an annual rate of 2.0% of the Company’s gross assets, exclusive of cash and cash equivalents. The base management fee will be payable quarterly in arrears and will be calculated based on the average value of the Company’s gross assets at the end of the two most recently completed calendar quarters (and, in the case of our first quarter, our gross assets as of such quarter-end). The base management fee may or may not be taken in whole or in part at the discretion of the Adviser. All or any part of the base management fee not taken as to any quarter will be deferred without interest and may be taken in such other quarter as the Adviser will determine. The base management fee for any partial month or quarter will be appropriately prorated.

  • Change Management BNY Mellon shall require that changes to its network or software used to provide the services are tested and applied pursuant to a documented change management process.

  • Program Management (WBS 1.1) All components of the Project Management Plan as implemented for the Base Contract and Options 1-4 will be reviewed and amended to reflect specific needs for Option 5 and the outcome of continuous process improvement evaluations.

  • Auditors’ Management Letters Promptly after the receipt thereof, any auditors’ management letters are received by the Borrower or by its accountants;

  • Collaboration Management Promptly after the Effective Date, each Party will appoint a person who will oversee day-to-day contact between the Parties for all matters related to the management of the Collaboration Activities in between meetings of the JSC and will have such other responsibilities as the Parties may agree in writing after the Effective Date. One person will be designated by Merck (the “Merck Program Director”) and one person will be designated by Moderna (the “Moderna Program Director,”) together will be the “Program Directors”. Each Party may replace its Program Director at any time by notice in writing to the other Party. Any Program Director may designate a substitute to temporarily perform the functions of that Program Director by written notice to the other Party. The initial Program Directors will be: For Moderna: [***] For Merck: [***]

  • VALUATION SUPPORT AND COMPUTATION ACCOUNTING SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following valuation support and computation accounting services for each Fund:  Journalize investment, capital share and income and expense activities;  Maintain individual ledgers for investment securities;  Maintain historical tax lots for each security;  Corporate action processing as more fully set forth in the SLDs;  Reconcile cash and investment balances of each Fund with the Fund’s custodian or other counterparties as applicable;  Provide a Fund’s investment adviser, as applicable, with the cash balance available for investment purposes at start-of-day and upon request, as agreed by the parties;  Calculate capital gains and losses;  Calculate daily distribution rate per share;  Determine net income;  Obtain security market quotes and currency exchange rates from pricing services approved by a Fund’s investment adviser, or if such quotes are unavailable, then obtain such prices from the Fund’s investment adviser, and in either case, calculate the market value of each Fund’s investments in accordance with the Fund's valuation policies or guidelines; provided, however, that BNY Mellon shall not under any circumstances be under a duty to independently price or value any of the Fund's investments, including securities lending related cash collateral investments (with the exception of the services provided hereunder to Funds utilized for such cash collateral investments), itself or to confirm or validate any information or valuation provided by the investment adviser or any other pricing source, nor shall BNY Mellon have any liability relating to inaccuracies or otherwise with respect to such information or valuations; notwithstanding the foregoing, BNY Mellon shall follow the established procedures and controls to identify exceptions, tolerance breaches, etc. and to research and resolve or escalate any pricing inaccuracies;  Application of the established automated price validation rules against prices received from third party vendors and review of exceptions as identified;  Calculate Net Asset Value in the manner specified in the Fund’s Offering Materials (which, for the service described herein, shall include the Fund’s Net Asset Value error policy);  Calculate Accumulated Unit Values (“AUV”) for select funds as mutually agreed upon between the parties;  Transmit or make available a copy of the daily portfolio valuation to a Fund’s investment adviser;  Calculate yields, portfolio dollar-weighted average maturity and dollar-weighted average life as applicable; and  Calculate portfolio turnover rate for inclusion in the annual and semi-annual shareholder reports.  For money market funds, obtain security market quotes and calculate the market-value Net Asset Value in accordance with the Fund’s valuation policies and guidelines at such times and frequencies as required by regulation and/or instruction from TRP.

  • Independent Evaluation Buyer is experienced and knowledgeable in the oil and gas business. Buyer has been advised by and has relied solely on its own expertise and legal, tax, accounting, marketing, land, engineering, environmental and other professional counsel concerning this transaction, the Subject Property and value thereof.

  • Fund Administration Legal Services n. Prepare the agenda and resolutions for all requested Board of Directors (the “Board”) and committee meetings, make presentations to the Board and committee meetings where appropriate or upon reasonable request, prepare minutes for such Board and committee meetings and attend the Company’s shareholder meetings and prepare minutes of such meetings;

  • Bank Provides Diverse Financial Services and May Generate Profits as a Result Customer acknowledges that Bank or its Affiliates may have a material interest in transactions entered into by Customer with respect to the Account or that circumstances are such that Bank may have a potential conflict of duty or interest. For example, Bank or its Affiliates may act as a market maker in the Financial Assets to which Instructions relate, provide brokerage services to other customers, act as financial adviser to the issuer of such Financial Assets, act in the same transaction as agent for more than one customer, have a material interest in the issue of the Financial Assets, or earn profits from any of these activities. Customer acknowledges that Bank or its Affiliates may be in possession of information tending to show that the Instructions received may not be in the best interests of Customer. Bank is not under any duty to disclose any such information.

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