Integrated System definition

Integrated System means a Tandem System that implements the Communication Protocol and is capable, among other things, of receiving and displaying continuous glucose monitoring data generated by the DexCom G6 System.
Integrated System means the Existing System and the Masinag Extension System developed as part of the Project.
Integrated System means the Accu-Chek Systems that are also capable of receiving and displaying continuous glucose monitoring data and to be marketed in the Territory. The Integrated System is comprised of: (1) an Accu-Chek System, (2) G5 System and (3) the Display Specifications.

Examples of Integrated System in a sentence

  • If the primary care practice is part of an Integrated System of Care, the health insurer may make the PMPM payment to the Integrated System of Care, provided the Integrated System of Care is contractually obligated to use the PMPM payment to finance care management services at the primary care practice earning the payment.

  • Without limiting paragraph (a), the 2020 Integrated System Plan is taken to have been prepared, consulted on and published in accordance with the Rules as amended by the Amending Rule.

  • The 2020 Integrated System Plan is taken to be valid for all purposes under the Rules as amended by the Amending Rule and has effect from the commencement date.

  • Any person may make a written submission to AEMO on the matters, documents and information referred to in paragraph (a) and which forms part of the draft Integrated System Plan, by the date specified in the ISP timetable.

  • An amendment to the Cost Benefit Analysis Guidelines does not apply to a current application of the regulatory investment test for transmission for an actionable ISP project or a current process for the development of an Integrated System Plan.

More Definitions of Integrated System

Integrated System means the Public Water or Wastewater System and any Contracting District’s wastewater system that meets the District’s operational and maintenance standards and that is treated as part of the Wastewater System for testing and reporting to the CDPHE under the District’s PWSID.
Integrated System means all equipment of all types used by the County to receive E-911 service, and to dispatch said calls to the public service providers in County, whether or not the unit of government is a Contracting Agency as defined within this Agreement, including the City Fire and Police Departments.
Integrated System means a multi-function point-of-sale system (POS) that has been certified to accept eWIC transactions. Terminals accept WIC in all lanes and require a single scan to verify the item’s WIC eligibility and process the purchase. Integrated vendors support mixed basket transactions that allow different tenders, such as WIC, SNAP, debit, and credit in one transaction.
Integrated System means a process for producing a pesticide product that:
Integrated System means the provision of Goods and Services together as an overall solution, and the proper functioning thereof with the existing infrastructure.
Integrated System means a T:Slim System that incorporates the Design Specifications and is capable of receiving and displaying continuous glucose monitoring data generated by the G4 System.
Integrated System means an insulin infusion pump system capable of processing continuous glucose monitoring data as more fully described in Schedules B and C.