AND DISCHARGE Sample Clauses

AND DISCHARGE. Any allegation that an employee has been demoted, suspended, discharged or otherwise disciplined without just cause shall be a fit matter for the grievance and arbitration procedures as provided for in this CollectiveAgreement. When disciplining or discharging probationary employees for just cause, it is recognized that the probationary period is an extension of the selection process and that they have short service. Therefore, the threshold for discipline and discharge may be less than that of a regular employee in similar circumstances. Disciplinary penalties resulting in a suspension without pay will not be imposed until a final decision, (agreement between Union and Management, or an arbitrator's judgment) has been reached. Unless otherwise agreed to, after a of reprimand has been on an employee's file for a maximum of two years, and there have been no further occurrences, then the of reprimandwill be removed from all files.
AND DISCHARGE. Should a written warning be placed in an employee’s file, one copy of such written warning shall be given to the employee and one copy made available to the Union President. Each written warning is to include a notation of all written warnings issued during the previous Twelve (12) months. All such warnings shall remain in force for a period of Twelve (12) months. Where the Company requires an employee to attend a meeting at which the employee is to be formally disciplined the employee may, if requests, have a Union Representative in attendance with at the meeting provided a Union Representative is available in the Plant. The foregoing shall not, how- ever, prevent the Company from immediately suspending or discharg- ing an employee provided that an employee who is suspended for more than five (5) days or is discharged will be permitted to consult with an available Union Committee member prior to leaving the Company premises. An employee who feels himself wrongly discharged, may have his grievance considered in accordance with the procedure out- lined in this Article, by presenting his grievance in writing, either per- sonally or through the Union, to the Senior Manufacturing Leader pro- viding he does so within five (5)days of his discharge. A meeting of the employee, his Union representatives and the Senior Manufacturing Leader (or his designate) will he held within three (3) days of griev- ance presentation. The Senior Manufacturing Leader will render his decision in writing, three (3) days of the hearing of the case. The Union may, within seven (7) days after the Senior Manufacturing Leader or his designate has rendered his or her decision, give notice to the Company of its desire to refer the matter to arbitration. In cases of a discharge, the sole arbitrator may either confirm the Company's decision in discharging the employee or may reinstate the employee with full, partial, or no compensation, where it is clearly established that the action taken by the Company bears no reasonable relationship to the cause for the discharge. The Company agrees that it will notify an employee of any action within days after the time it becomes aware or ought to have become aware of the circumstances giving rise to the dis- cipline. The Company further agrees that it will take disciplinary action within working days after notification or the earliest date the employee becomes available. ARTICLE The Company shall deduct from Union Dues including, where applicable, ini...
AND DISCHARGE. (a) No regular employee shall be disciplined or discharged without just cause. No employee may be disciplined or discharged without being given the opportunity to have an Association Xxxxxxx his department present at disciplinary hearing. In the event the Association Xxxxxxx from his department is not available the employee may request such other Association Xxxxxxx who is available to be present at his disciplinary hearing. Page It is agreed by both parties that the presence of an Association Xxxxxxx at any administrative or disciplinary hearing is entirely at the option of the respective employee. Employees will be informed of the reason for their reprimand, suspension or termination in writing and a will be forwarded to the Association and the Managing Partner of Foods Inc. (Foothills Plant).
AND DISCHARGE. If an annual increase is not granted on the eligibility date, the employee’s 37 eligibility date is retained no longer than eleven (11) months beyond the eligibility date. If the 38 increase is subsequently granted within eleven (11) months, it shall be effective on the first of the 39 following month and shall not be retroactive. (For administration of performance increases, 40 see Article 22 - Salary Administration). 41 42 ARTICLE 43: WORK SCHEDULES 43 44
AND DISCHARGE. InfractionSlips Whenever the Employer deems it necessary to issue an infraction slip to an employee for censure or discipline for cause, the employee may be by a xxxxxxx and a copy of the infraction slip shall be forwarded to the Union. No infraction slip shall be placed in an employee’s personnel record until has been given a copy thereof and with a copy provided to the Secretary of the Union. The Employer shall consult with the respective xxxxxxx prior to disciplinary action being taken against an employee as a result of an accident. Upon the employee’s request, any letter of discipline, reprimand or suspension will be removed and destroyed from the record of an employee, twelve (12) months following the receipt by the employee of such discipline provided that the employee’s record has been discipline free from the same offence for twelve (12) months.
AND DISCHARGE. 19 SECTION 4.1 Satisfaction and Discharge of Indenture.............19 SECTION 4.2 Application of Trust Money..........................21 SECTION 4.3 Repayment of Monies Held by Paying Agent............21 SECTION 4.4 Duration of Position of Indenture Trustee for Benefit of Certificateholders...............................21
AND DISCHARGE. Section 401.
AND DISCHARGE a) No employee shall be disciplined or discharged without just cause. It is understood and agreed that a lesser standard shall apply for the dismissal of an employee who has not completed the probationary period. The normal pattern of disciplinary action shall be as follows: oral reprimand; written reprimand; suspension; and discharge. However, any of the above steps may be omitted as a result of the seriousness of the offence. When an employee is disciplined they shall be advised promptly, in writing, by the Board of the reasons for such action, The disciplinary action shall form part of the employee's file along with the employee's reply, should one be forwarded to the Board. The Board recognizes that an employee has the right to have a Xxxxxxx or designate present during formal discipline meetings involving written reprimands, suspensions with or without pay and dismissal. Renfrew County Catholic COPE Collective Agreement ARTICLE DISCIPLINE AND DISCHARGE (Continued)
AND DISCHARGE. No employee will or An employee lo the or to be et a meeting with Management the reasons such The Company will or action at the end or, new evidence is broughtto meeting, may reserve investigation and the employee xxxx be so advised The employee be accompanied by a who advance, by Management the and place the lo conform requirements of render the discipline or and void. Under where, as a an alleged contemplated and is that an employee should be allowed Company and where there IS as to the be held out pending II this the employee as provided the charge involves, during the service will pay and will be up to three calendar days, the employee may or pan, a held out Saturdays. Sundays and holidays. in order to all parties to be present. In the the cannot be held the three calendar day due to the a it will be at the excess the three held due to the available and any calendar day will be a Union Representative any period pay. In the event the meeting cannot be of Management, it will be held at some time when all are in excess of three calendar day period will be pay. In the employee may be out pay such as required in to provide time the Company to complete end consider When action taken, the employee will be in the precise reasons When discharge IS the will advised that is ‘suspended pending together the precise reasons discharge. In subsequent procedures, the Company will to such grounds, will until all appeals requested be withheld or an employee will ‘suspended pending with the Agreement have been . lodged accordance with the following will directed to the management representative designated by the Company. The Union Chairperson end the will be advised. in writing. the management representative so designated and any changes thereto. Employees they have been unjustly may appeal the discipline or through the Union.
AND DISCHARGE. Under the Indenture, the Company can terminate its obligations with respect to the Notes not previously delivered to the Trustee for cancellation when those Notes have become due and payable or will become due and payable at their Stated Maturity within one year or are to be called for redemption within one year under arrangements satisfactory to the Trustee for giving notice of redemption. The Company may terminate its obligations with respect to the Notes by depositing with the Trustee, as trust funds in trust dedicated solely for that purpose, an amount sufficient to pay and discharge the entire indebtedness on the Notes. In that case, the Indenture will cease to be of further effect and the Company’s obligations will be satisfied and discharged with respect to the Notes (except as to the Company’s obligations to pay all other amounts due under the Indenture and to provide certain Officers’ Certificates and Opinions of Counsel to the Trustee). At the expense of the Company, the Trustee will execute proper instruments acknowledging the satisfaction and discharge.