SAFETY AND Sample Clauses

SAFETY AND. The Company shall make reasonable provisions for the safety and health of their employees during working hours. The Company shall conduct a drill for all employees at least once in every twelve (12) month period. The Union agrees that it will in the enforcement of safety rules and regulations. The Company will make available to all full-time employees, while they are in the active employ of the Company, Group Life, X. Xxxxxxxx and Accident ExtendedMedical Coverage Insurance and Dental plans as follows: The application and administration of all and all matters with to the Insurance program provided for herein shall be governed by the terms the plan or policy with the applicable insurance carrier. Any dispute over payment of benefits under any such plan or policy shall be adjusted between the employee and the insurer and not to be dealt with through grievance and arbitration process. Applicable Federal and/or Provincial legislation will be followed when defining the term spouse common-law partnership. Life Insurance Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) for all bargaining unit employees.
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SAFETY AND. Section Safety committees The Union and the Company agree to cooperate to the fullest extent in promoting safety in the plant and the avoidance of accidents to the employees. The Company further agrees that there will be a Joint Safety Committee in the plant comprised of Plant Members appointed by the Union and members appointed by the Company. The size of the Plant Committee will be determined by mutual agreement. The Safety Committee will meet once a month, or more frequently, if mutually agreed upon. Minutes will be kept of these meetings. These minutes will be signed by a representative of the Union and the Company of the Joint Safety Committee before being posted. The signatory representatives must be members who attended the meeting in question. The Chairmanship of the Health and Safety Committee meetings will alternate annually between a Company and a Union representative of the Health and Safety Committee. Section Protective Devices The Management will furnish protective devices, safety apparel and equipment necessary to protect employees from industrial injury and industrial health hazards. Initial and replacement issuances will be made at no cost to the employees, when such replacements are necessary because of wear. The Company will provide one pair of safety shoes for each employee to a maximum of per pair per year effective November The wearing of safety shoes within the Plant will be mandatory for all employees covered by this agreement. Company approved prescription safety glasses will be provided by the Company. The Company will subsidize the cost of a new pair of prescription safety glasses up to a maximum of once per twenty-four month period. Such glasses must be required for the employees to their jobs and must be industrial approved frames and lenses. The Company will supply overalls only when employees are engaged in abnormally dirty tasks, such as press clean-ups, etc. Other personal wearing apparel. will not be paid for by the Company. The Company agrees to absorb the cleaning bill for employees in Departments and for Company issued coveralls. Section Audiometric Testing The Company agrees to implement a program audiometric testing for all employees. Each employee shall be given a copy of the test results. It is that Company employees operating audiometric testing equipment are not qualified to give or make a medical diagnosis of an employee's hearing capabilities resulting from such tests. These operators are limited to advising the...
SAFETY AND. The company shall arrangements throughout the plant, provide proper give proper attention to the eliminationof any employment which is a hazard to the safety or health of the Where the nature of the task to an employee requires the use of special equipment or clothing, such equipment or clothing shall be provided by the The company reserves the right to and publish from time to time, rules and regulations the use and operation of machine equipment, special or clothing, and plant the terms and upon which special equipment or clothing is to LEAVE OF The Company shall grant leave of absence to retroactively when necessary for legitimate reasons, including illness and injury. The Company shall grant leave of absence without pay for reasonable periods to not more than three (3) employees to serve as representatives of the Local Union for the transaction of Union business. The Company shall grant leave of absence without pay for one I employee to work in an official for the Local or the Internationalunion subject to the following conditions: the employee requests such leave of absence in writing, approved the union, and such leave of absence shall not exceed a of twelve consecutive months, and the employee's seniority and continuous service with the Company shall not affectedby such leave of absence. ARTICLE
SAFETY AND. The Company will make reasonable provisions for health and safety of its employees during the hours of employment. The Union agrees to assist the Company in maintaining the proper observation of all safety and health rules. Referring to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, a worker refuse to work or do particular work. Upon refusing to work or do particular work, the worker shall promptly report the circumstances of the refusal to the worker’s who shall forthwith investigate the report in the presence of the worker and in the presence of a Joint Health and Safety Committee member who represents workers and, who may be a Certified Member and, who shall be made available and attend without delay. Referring to the (a), a worker may continue to refuse work or do the particular work and the employer or worker or a person on behalf of the Employer or worker shall cause an inspector to be notified thereof. Referring the (I pending the investigation and decision of the inspector the may be assigned reasonable alternative work and another worker be assigned to do the work.” An employee for whom a claim is being processed for time loss compensation with the Worker’s Compensation Board may apply to the Company for an advance not to exceed One hundred per week for three (3) weeks until compensation payments start, whichever occurs first. The full amount paid to the employee as an advance will be repaid by the employee when his compensationpayments begin. advanced to the employee and not recovered through compensationpayments regardless of the reason, will become a against any wages or monies due to him, becoming due to him, from the Company.
SAFETY AND. The Association and the Employer shall co-operate to the fullest possible extent to prevent accidents and promote safety and health of employees of the The provisions the Occupational Health and Safety Act as applicable to the Fire Services shall apply to Cambridge Fire Department. The Joint Health and Safety Committee shall consist of representatives of the Employer and the employees. The employee representatives shall not exceed three in number and shall all Divisions of the Fire Department. The Joint Health and Safety shall meet by mutual agreement when deemed necessary by either party. The Committee shall maintain minutes of meetings which shall be sent to the Corporation and the Association. The function be promote safe working conditions and safe work habits of employees.
SAFETY AND. The Company agrees to continue to’ furnish healthful working conditions at all times, and to provide adequate and modern devices with regard to safety and sanitation. Whatever machinery and equipment the furnishes shall meet with all the required legal standards of safety and sanitation. Any recommendations or complaints under this Article will be the subject of under the procedure provided for in this Agreement. The Union agrees that it will to have its members observe all safety rules. The Office Joint Health and Safety will be composed of two Union Representatives and two Management Representatives and will meet every month. This joint committee will review all! ongoing business pertaining to the S H activities in the Office of The Office Joint Health and Safety Committee will conduct its monthly inspections accompanied by the Head of the Department being inspected (or his/her representative), and the Chairman of the Office Safety Committee (or his/her replacement). The in order to resolve technical questions, may an appropriate technical person upon reaching mutual agreement that such technical advice is required. Recommendations agreed to and documented by the Committee will normally be acted upon within thirty days of the being made. However, it is by both parties that, on occasion, action may be delayed for an additional thirty day period due to unusual circumstances. In the event an employee believes that a condition exists in his/her work area, the employee will contact his/her Supervisor. If the Supervisor fails to satisfactorily resolve the problem within a reasonable period of time, the employee will ask his/her supervisor to call the employee’s Committee to discuss the problem further. If the problem is still unresolved, the Department Head will call the Plant Safety Coordinator, who, in company with the (or designee) of the will make a decision on the problem. The Company will the of all accidents which require the filing of a Form and will supply copies of the Form the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report and any other correspondence with the The Company will supply, without cost to the employee, safety glasses and hearing protection or plugs) as required. The safety glass program will be the same as that provided in the plant. Smocks will be provided at no cost to employees. If a dispute arises as to whether or not a need for smocks exists and the Union can justify such need to the satisfaction of the Labour Manager, the smocks in dis...
SAFETY AND. The Company and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain high standards of safety and health in the plant in order to prevent industrial injury and illness. The Company shall make reasonable revi- sion for the safety and health of the employees during the hours of their employment. Protective devices and other equipment necessary to protect employees properly from shall be supplied by the Company. The shall supply safety equipment deemed by the Health and Safety Act.
SAFETY AND. (a) The Company and the Union agree to study, create and maintain the standards of health and safety required to prevent occupa- tional illness and industrial injury in the plant. this regard the parties agree that their respective representatives shall act in a cooperative and responsible manner so as to further health and safety in the plant. The Company and the Union agree to comply with requirements of applicable Federal and Ontario provincial legislation that pertains to health and safety, including the Act, as amended by and the appropriateregulations and any amendments thereunder. The and the Union agree that no employee or member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee structure will be threatened, disciplined, suspended or coerced in the event that the employee or member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee has acted in compliance with such legislation and the applicable regulations and any amendments thereunder.
SAFETY AND. (a) The Company shall institute and maintain all precautions to guarantee every worker a safe and healthy workplace. The Company shall comply in a timely manner with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Company and the Union agree to recognizethe Occupational Health and Safety Act in effect on January as a minimum standard. The Company and the Union agree to maintain a Joint Health and Safety Committee in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The representation on this Committee shall be three (3) members chosen by the Union and three (3) members chosen by the Company. The Committee shall meet at least once a month. Two shall be selected from and by the members of the Committee. One of the shall be a Union member and the other shall be a Company member.. The Committee shall assist in creating a safe and healthy work place, shall recommend actions which will improve the effectiveness of the health and safety program and shall promote compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.