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In a timely manner regarding loan obligations means payment is made on or before the deadline required to be in compliance with the loan agreement.
In a timely manner means within a period not exceeding 3 months after the date on which the licensee concerned has furnished to the client concerned a statement of fees and outlays (or an interim statement of fees and outlays, as the case may be) specifying the amount of the fees payable by the client and in respect of which fees the licensee may properly apply client moneys of the client concerned in satisfaction, in whole or in part, thereof;
In a timely manner regarding payments to vendors means that it is within the payment terms identified by the creditor or entity owed. I also interpret “in a timely manner” to include the understanding that there will be problems with invoicing from time to time and we will remit payment upon notice from the vendor and verification of the purchase. As a point of reference, our Finance Department processes and pays an average of 7,500 invoices each month. A number of invoices are in question at any time and are being researched for payment.

Examples of In a timely manner in a sentence

In a timely manner, the Contractor shall submit to NYSERDA’s Project Manager a brief report summarizing the issues discussed and decisions made, if any, during this meeting.

In a timely manner following the imposition of suspension, the principal or designee shall make a good faith effort to inform the student’s parent or guardian by telephone of the suspension and the reason such action was taken in a timely manner.

In a timely manner, to (i) the MRSB and (ii) the Trustee, notice of a failure by THDA to provide the Annual Financial Information set forth in (a) above within the time limit specified above.

In a timely manner before the bid submittal deadline, a potential bidder may request that the state or municipality modify the supplemental criteria.

In a timely manner, not in excess of ten business days after the occurrence of an event listed in Section 4(a) above, the County shall file a notice of such occurrence with the MSRB.

In a timely manner, Buyer shall establish PJM E-Account contract(s) for the entire duration of the Transaction(s) and Seller shall confirm the PJM E-Account contract(s) for the entire duration of the Transaction(s).

In a timely manner, notice of any failure by the Local Government to Make Public or cause to be Made Public Annual Financial Information pursuant to the terms of part (1) of this subsection.

In a timely manner, Buyer shall establish PJM E-Account contract(s) for the entire duration of the Transaction(s) and Seller shall confirm and comply with all PJM E-Account contract(s) for the entire duration of the Transaction(s).

On minor infractions, write the office referral prior to sending the student out of class.3. In a timely manner, usually defined as – days after the event, inform parents when their child is violating school policies or not completing work.

In a timely manner, the Investigation Officer shall conduct an investigation as to the facts and circumstances relevant to the Complaint.

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In a timely manner means to start the investigation process with a formally defined investigation team within 48 hours after the accident.
In a timely manner means that the funds will be deposited within one business day following receipt by a UAB office, department, or unit.

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administration notice means a notice appointing an administrator, a notice of intended appointment and any other notice which is required by law (generally or in the case concerned) to be filed with the court or given to a person prior to, or in connection with, the appointment of an administrator;
Commences Commercial Service means the date upon which a Capital Improvement is first put into or commences commercial service by a Group Member following completion of construction, replacement, improvement or expansion and testing, as applicable.
(5) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means
(2) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of the Interior.
(4) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means
(3) SECRETARY.—The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of the Interior.
Appropriate office of the State employment service system means the local office of the federal-state national system or public employment offices with assigned responsibility for serving the area where the employment opening is to be filled, including the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Postponed Retirement Date means the first day of the month coincident with or next following a Participant’s date of actual retirement which occurs after his Normal Retirement Date.
Change in Control Protection Period means the period commencing on the date a Change in Control occurs and ending on the first anniversary of such date.
Retires shall refer to the date which the Executive acknowledges in writing to Employer to be the last day the Executive will provide any significant personal services, whether as an employee or independent consultant or contractor, to Employer. For purposes of this Agreement, the phrase "significant personal services" shall mean more than ten (10) hours of personal services rendered to one or more individuals or entities in any thirty (30) day period.
Primary election means an election held pre- ceding the general election for the purpose of nominat- ing a party nominee to be voted for in the general election to fill a national, state, county, or district office.
Animal control officer means any person employed by a city, county, or city and county for the purpose of enforcing animal control laws or regulations.
Control Appraisal Period A “Control Appraisal Period” shall exist with respect to the Mortgage Loan, if and for so long as:
area control service means air traffic control service for controlled flights in control areas;
Request for an accounting means a record authenticated by a debtor requesting that the recipient provide an accounting of the unpaid obligations secured by collateral and reasonably identifying the transaction or relationship that is the subject of the request.
Notification Date means 30 days from an Account statement date (see section 6.3).
Application Period means a period during which Applications shall be accepted as posted on the Corporation’s Website and with a deadline no less than thirty days from the beginning of the Application Period.
Delaware Secretary of State means the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware.
Date of Commercial Operation means the day upon which Commercial Operation is first achieved pursuant to Section 4.2 hereof.
Gaming Employee means any natural person who (a) conducts, operates, maintains, repairs, accounts for, or assists in any Gaming Activities, or is in any way responsible for supervising such Gaming Activities or persons who conduct, operate, maintain, repair, account for, assist, or supervise any such Gaming Activities, (b) is in a category under federal or tribal gaming law requiring licensing, (c) is an employee of the Tribal Gaming Agency with access to confidential information, or (d) is a person whose employment duties require or authorize access to areas of the Gaming Facility in which Gaming Activities are conducted that are not open to the public.
Tax Protection Period means the period commencing on the Closing Date and ending at 12:01 AM on January 1, 2018; provided, however, that with respect to a Protected Partner, the Tax Protection Period shall terminate at such time as such Protected Partner has disposed of 50% or more of the Units received, directly or indirectly, in the Mergers by such Protected Partner in a taxable transaction.
AB Control Appraisal Period With respect to a Serviced AB Whole Loan, a “Control Appraisal Period” or equivalent term under the related Intercreditor Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, there are no Serviced AB Whole Loans related to the Trust.
URGENT: ATTENTION THE COMPANY SECRETARY AND SOLICITOR and copied to: The Route Director Network Rail Anglia Route One Stratford Place, 12th Floor Montfitchet Road West Stratford City Greater London E20 1EJ Tel: 0203 356 2540
Serviced AB Control Appraisal Period With respect to any Serviced AB Whole Loan, the period during which a “control appraisal event” (or analogous term) exists under the related Serviced AB Intercreditor Agreement.
Late Retirement Date means the first day of the month coinciding with or next following a Participant's actual Retirement Date after having reached his Normal Retirement Date.
Certification period means the period for which an individual is certified eligible for a program.