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In a timely manner regarding loan obligations means payment is made on or before the deadline required to be in compliance with the loan agreement.
In a timely manner regarding payments to vendors means that it is within the payment terms identified by the creditor or entity owed. I also interpret “in a timely manner” to include the understanding that there will be problems with invoicing from time to time and we will remit payment upon notice from the vendor and verification of the purchase. As a point of reference, our Finance Department processes and pays an average of 7,500 invoices each month. A number of invoices are in question at any time and are being researched for payment.
In a timely manner means within a period not exceeding 3 months after the date on which the licensee concerned has furnished to the client concerned a statement of fees and outlays (or an interim statement of fees and outlays, as the case may be) specifying the amount of the fees payable by the client and in respect of which fees the licensee may properly apply client moneys of the client concerned in satisfaction, in whole or in part, thereof;

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  • In a timely manner, I will report any problem with my Chromebook to a member of the technology support staff.

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In a timely manner means to start the investigation process with a formally defined investigation team within 48 hours after the accident.
In a timely manner means (at the latest) the day before the start of public consultation. PEFC benchmark requirementAssess. basis*YES/NO PEFC benchmark requirementAssess. basis*YES/NO PEFC benchmark requirementAssess. basis*YES/NO
In a timely manner means by no later than 1 April of the calendar year in which they intend to start their studies.

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