Authority to Sample Clauses

Authority to. MODIFY This Agreement shall at all times be subject to such changes or modifications by the Board of Commissioners of the Port of Stockton as it may from time to time direct in the exercise of its jurisdiction.
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Authority to. Enter into this Agreement. The officer of the Company whose signature appears below has been authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Company.
Authority to. Enter into an Agreement List relevant legislation for each agency (eg Public Sector Management Act 1994, Police Act 1892).
Authority to. Purchase The execution and delivery of this Agreement and the completion of the transaction contemplated hereby has been duly and validly authorized by all necessary shareholder and corporate action on the part of the Purchaser, and this Agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation of the Purchaser enforceable against the Purchaser in accordance with its terms except as limited to laws of general application affecting the rights of creditors.
Authority to. Obtain The Pool may obtain excess or reinsurance as authorized by law. Appendix A Financial Plan In accordance with the provisions of Section 7, 1951 P.A. 35, as amended by 1988 P.A. 36, the Michigan Municipal League Liability and Property Pool provides the following coverages:
Authority to. REGISTER AND/OR TO ACT AS AGENT. I represent and warrant to the Releasees that I have full legal authority to complete and submit this Release and Waiver via XXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXX (the “Website”). In addition, to the extent that I am registering on behalf of the Participant, I represent and warrant that I have been duly authorized to act as agent on behalf of the Participant in performing such registration. By proceeding with such registration, I agree that the terms of this Release and Waiver shall apply equally to me and to the Participant. Compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). I represent and warrant that, in compliance with COPPA, I am over thirteen (13) years of age, and that, to the extent I am registering a Participant under eighteen (18) years of age, I am the parent or legal guardian of such Participant, and I do hereby consent to the collection of such Participant’s personal information by the Releasees.
Authority to. VOTE The representative of a Party, or in his absence his alternate representative, shall be authorized to represent and bind such Party with respect to any matter which is within the powers of the Operating Committee and that is properly brought before the Operating Committee. Each such representative shall have a vote equal to the voting rights of the Participating Interest of the Party such person represents as shown in the section covering the Voting Procedure in Section 5.9
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Authority to. Fund the Trust with Letters of Credit. Anything in the Trust to the contrary notwithstanding, including without limitation Sections 2.01(a) and 2.02(a), the Company may at its option, in lieu of depositing and maintaining cash or marketable securities in the Trust, provide the Trustee with one or more irrevocable letters of credit in the Trustee's favor from one or more banks (which may include the Trustee). Any such letters of credit (when added to any cash or marketable securities previously deposited in the Trust) shall be in an aggregate amount at least equal to the cash or marketable securities that otherwise would have to be deposited and maintained in the Trust and shall be delivered to the Trustee not later than the time such cash or marketable securities would otherwise have to be delivered to the Trustee, all in accordance with the terms of the Trust. In the event the Company elects to provide one or more such letters of credit, the Trustee shall draw on the letters of credit to obtain funds to make payments to Executives (and, in the circumstance set forth in Section 5.01(g), to the Trustee) at the times and in the amounts that such payments would be made if cash or marketable securities had been deposited and maintained in the Trust, all in accordance with the terms of the Trust. The Trustee shall not be required to examine any such letters of credit for their validity, to determine the suitability of any such letters of credit to fund the Company's obligations under the Agreements, or to perform any act with respect to any such letters of credit, other than to follow the directions of the Company or the Executives in accordance with the terms of the Trust.
Authority to. ISSUE Subject to the provisions hereof, the Fronting Bank shall issue a Letter of Credit denominated in euros or dollars (as applicable) on the relevant Utilisation Date if:
Authority to. Debit In respect of all amounts payable by any Obligor under this Agreement or the other Loan Documents, each Obligor hereby irrevocably authorizes and instructs the Agent or any Lender to
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