Satisfaction of Sample Clauses

Satisfaction of. Target Criteria. For each [***] Target of which [***] Option is exercised, KHK shall pay to DICERNA a non-refundable, non-creditable confirmation fee in the amount of $[***]USD ([***] dollars) per [***] Target within [***] of the date that KHK confirms to KHK’s reasonable satisfaction that the [***] Target meets the In Vivo Criteria applicable to such [***] Target as set forth in the Research Collaboration Plan (the [***] Target Criteria Satisfaction Payment”).
Satisfaction of. Diligence and Development Milestone Obligations. GI may satisfy the diligence obligations under Section 9.2.1 hereof and achieve the development milestones under Section 9.2.2, in either case, on its own account. or through an Affiliate or sublicensee, or by forming a partnership or other venture to satisfy such diligence obligations, all as permitted under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. While GI is committed to satisfying such diligence obligations and achieving such development milestones, GI does not represent, warrant or guarantee that a product based on each TGFClass selected by GI will or can be successfully developed or that the applicable development milestones for any product based on such TGF-ß Class can be met.