Satisfaction of Sample Clauses

Satisfaction of conditions All acts, conditions and things required to be done and satisfied and to have happened prior to the execution and delivery of the Security Documents in order to constitute the Security Documents the legal, valid and binding obligations of the Security Parties in accordance with their respective terms have been done, satisfied and have happened in compliance with all applicable laws.
Satisfaction of. [***] Target Criteria. For each [***] Target of which [***] Option is exercised, KHK shall pay to DICERNA a non-refundable, non-creditable confirmation fee in the amount of $[***]USD ([***] dollars) per [***] Target within [***] of the date that KHK confirms to KHK’s reasonable satisfaction that the [***] Target meets the In Vivo Criteria applicable to such [***] Target as set forth in the Research Collaboration Plan (the [***] Target Criteria Satisfaction Payment”).
Satisfaction of. All Conditions Precedent to the Obligations of Buyer. From the date hereof to the Closing, Seller shall use its best efforts to cause all conditions precedent to the obligations of Buyer hereunder to be satisfied by the Closing.
Satisfaction of. Section 4.1

Related to Satisfaction of

  • Satisfaction of Conditions Buyco shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to satisfy, or cause to be satisfied, all conditions precedent to its obligations hereunder to the extent that the same is within its control and to take, or cause to be taken, all other action and to do, or cause to be done, all other things necessary, proper or advisable under all applicable Laws to complete the transactions contemplated by this Arrangement Agreement.

  • Satisfaction of Conditions Precedent Each party will use commercially reasonable efforts to satisfy or cause to be satisfied all the conditions precedent that are applicable to them, and to cause the transactions contemplated by this Agreement to be consummated, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, to obtain all material consents and authorizations of third parties and to make filings with, and give all notices to, third parties that may be necessary or reasonably required on its part in order to effect the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Satisfaction of Obligations The Borrower shall pay, discharge or otherwise satisfy at or before maturity or before they become delinquent, as the case may be, all its obligations of whatever nature, except where the amount or validity thereof is currently being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and reserves with respect thereto have been provided on the books of the Borrower.

  • Satisfaction All actions, proceedings, instruments and documents required to carry out the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or incidental hereto and all other related legal matters shall have been reasonably approved by counsel to TCI.

  • Satisfaction of Claims 14 Acceptance by CONTRACTOR of payments made by Intermediary in accordance with thethis 15 Agreement shall be deemed satisfaction in full of any COUNTY obligation to CONTRACTOR with 16 respect to those claims for Hospital Services for which payment has been made by COUNTY, 17 notwithstanding CONTRACTOR’s right to appeal any denied claim, as provided for in Paragraph IV. of 18 this Exhibit B to the Agreement and CONTRACTOR’s right to pursue co-payments due from MSN 19 Patients.

  • Satisfaction of Closing Conditions Except as required by applicable law, Lil Marc shall not, and shall not permit any of its subsidiaries to, take any action that would, or would reasonably be expected to, result in (i) any of the conditions to the Merger set forth in Article VI not being satisfied or (ii) a material delay in the satisfaction of such conditions.

  • Satisfaction of Liabilities The liquidators shall pay, satisfy or discharge from Company funds all of the debts, liabilities and obligations of the Company (including, without limitation, all expenses incurred in liquidation) or otherwise make adequate provision for payment and discharge thereof;

  • Conditions Precedent to EFFECTIVENESS OF SECTIONS 2.01 AND 2.03. Sections 2.01 and 2.03 of this Agreement shall become effective on and as of the first date (the "EFFECTIVE DATE") on which the following conditions precedent have been satisfied:

  • SATISFACTION WITH PERSONNEL If at any time Prime Contractor or SAP is dissatisfied with the material performance of an assigned Consultant or a Prime Contractor project team member, the dissatisfied party shall promptly report such dissatisfaction to the other party in writing and may request a replacement. In the case of SAP dissatisfaction with a Customer project team member, SAP shall report such dissatisfaction to the Prime Contractor. The other party shall use its reasonable discretion in accomplishing any such change (which also, in the case of SAP, shall be subject to staffing availability).

  • No Satisfaction of Mortgage The Mortgage has not been satisfied, canceled, subordinated or rescinded, in whole or in part, and the Mortgaged Property has not been released from the lien of the Mortgage, in whole or in part, nor has any instrument been executed that would effect any such release, cancellation, subordination or rescission. The Seller has not waived the performance by the Mortgagor of any action, if the Mortgagor's failure to perform such action would cause the Mortgage Loan to be in default, nor has the Seller waived any default resulting from any action or inaction by the Mortgagor;