HOURS OF WORK Sample Clauses

HOURS OF WORK i) Where employees are now working a longer daily tour, the provisions set out in this Article governing the regular hours of work on a daily tour shall be adjusted accordingly.
HOURS OF WORK. 16.01 The following is intended to define the normal hours of work for the full-time employees, but shall not be interpreted as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week, or days of work per week.
HOURS OF WORK. 13.01 The following provision designating regular hours on a daily tour and regular daily tours over the nursing schedule determined by the Hospital shall not be construed to be a guarantee of the hours of work to be performed on each tour or during each tour schedule. Subject to Article 13.02 below:
HOURS OF WORK. The Executive’s normal days and hours of work shall coincide with the Company’s regular business hours. The nature of the Executive’s employment with the Company requires flexibility in the days and hours that the Executive must work, and may necessitate that the Executive work on other or additional days and hours. The Company reserves the right to require the Executive, and the Executive agrees, to work during other or further days or hours than the Company’s normal business hours.
HOURS OF WORK. The parties agree that the current working arrangements for hours of work provisions (including, but not limited to, the daily maximum ordinary hours, work cycles and the taking of meal breaks and rest periods) may be altered during the life of the agreement following consultation and agreement between the company and the majority of affected site personnel so as to provide greater flexibility and to meet project and /or shift work or operational requirements. The criteria that will be used in assessing the desirability of proposed change sin hours of work will include the impact on efficiency operational and project requirements, productivity and quality of life. The parameters for ordinary hours for the purpose of this agreement shall be an average of 38 hours (36 hours) per week and shall be between 6.00am and 6.00pm on any or all of the days Monday to Friday. The ordinary hours of work shall be worked continuously except for meal breaks. Different methods of implementation of the hours of work may be applied to various groups or sections of employees by agreement. An employees weekly ordinary hours of work can consist of both day work and shift work, provided that the appropriate shift allowance is paid for any shift in accordance with clause 22.6 of the Parent Award.
HOURS OF WORK. Apprentices shall work the same hours and be subject to the same conditions regarding overtime rates as the journeymen/women employed by the Company. In case an apprentice is required to work overtime he/she shall receive credit on the term of apprenticeship for only the actual hours of work. In no case will an apprentice work overtime without a journeyman/woman in his/her trade, unless all available journeymen/women in his/her trade have refused to work the overtime.
HOURS OF WORK. The annual hours of work exclusive of meal periods taken away from the workstation but including paid holidays will be 1827, which is equivalent to an average of 35 hours per week. The 1827 annual hours means that all work schedules will be based on that figure. Due to varying lengths of the calendar and work years and the varying times that employees may begin and end their work schedules, an employee will be required to work an average of 1827 hours.
HOURS OF WORK. (a) the normal work week shall consist of five consecutive days Monday to Friday and the normal work day shall consist of eight (8) hours exclusive of a lunch period, which shall not be paid for. This shall not be construed as a guarantee of hours per day or days per week. A fifteen-(15) minute rest period with pay will be scheduled by the Supervisor in each half shift and a five (5) minute wash-up time with pay allowed before the end of the complete shift. Where examples of the Continental Work Week exist these may continue but no move to coverage in additional areas will be made.
HOURS OF WORK. 22.01 The following paragraphs and sections are intended to define the normal hours of work at the outset of this Agreement and shall not be construed as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week, or of days of work per week.
HOURS OF WORK. B) Overtime at the rate of double (2x) time shall be paid on the following basis: