Joint Committee definition

Joint Committee means the Joint Committee established by Article 164(1) of the withdrawal agreement;
Joint Committee means the committee established under Article 19 [Joint Committee];

Examples of Joint Committee in a sentence

  • This memorandum contains information for the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments.

  • Through statutory enactments, the Joint Committee on Legislative Management (JCLM) is responsible for the coordination and management of legislative affairs and the supervision and approval of any and all legislative expenditures.

  • Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees -‌PHYSICAL SECURITY‌‌Protecting Your ComputerComputers need protection from physical hazards to avoid damage to the computer or loss of data.

  • This document can also be found on the Joint Committee on Taxation website at

  • The Joint Committee on Legislative Management may disqualify any person, firm or corporation, for up to two years, from submitting a proposal for, applying for, or participating as a subcontractor under contracts with the legislative department, pursuant to Section 2-71p of the Connecticut General Statutes, for contractual services required by the legislative department, for one or more causes set forth under subsection (c) of this section.

More Definitions of Joint Committee

Joint Committee. ’ means the joint committee on state building construction.
Joint Committee means the joint committee set up by the Councils pursuant to Clause 10 (Joint Committee) of this Agreement
Joint Committee means a committee composed of equal representation selected by the district and its teachers or, when applicable, the exclusive bargaining representative of its teachers, which shall have the duties set forth in this Part regarding the establishment of a performance evaluation plan that incorporates data and indicators of student growth as a significant factor in rating teacher performance. (Section 24A-4 of the School Code)
Joint Committee means a committee of members of the Council of Iroij and of the Nitijela, acting jointly;
Joint Committee means a committee made up of representatives of the Community and Greenland whose functions are described in Article 10 of this Agreement.
Joint Committee means a committee made up of representatives of the Union and Seychelles whose functions are described in Article 12 of this Agreement;
Joint Committee means a committee consisting of an equal number of members appointed by the Association president and the District superintendent.