Other Equipment Sample Clauses

Other Equipment. The Contract Manager shall determine if an enclosed trailer is required for the work squad to transport tools and equipment utilized in the performance of this Contract and shall notify the Agency when a trailer is necessary. The Contract Manager shall designate whether the usage of an enclosed trailer is required on Addendum A. If a trailer for the work squad is provided by the Agency at no cost to the Department, and the Department maintains the trailer when the squad is not working, the Agency shall provide an enclosed trailer that can be secured when not in use. All tools and equipment utilized by the work squad shall be secured in the trailer. Upon the end or termination of this Contract, the trailer will be returned to the Agency.
Other Equipment. (b) The Employer will not hire outside trucks except to supplement its own equipment when such equipment is in full use. When hired trucks are required, the men required to operate and work on them, irrespective of ownership shall be paid as employees of the Employer and shall be governed by the terms of this Agreement while so employed.
Other Equipment. Seller shall furnish, install and maintain in accordance with Company's requirements all conductors, service switches, fuses, meter sockets, meter (includes revenue metering structure, CT(s) and PT(s) and accessories) and instrument transformer housing and mountings, switchboard meter test buses, meter panels and similar devices required for service connections and meter installations at the Site. SHEET NO. 80.2BY Effective December 30, 2011
Other Equipment. 8. Supplementary tests for passenger-carrying vehicles of categories M2 and M3. ECE/RCTE/CONF/4/Add.2/Rev.1
Other Equipment. ‌ Any other equipment owned by the Port and leased by the Airline shall bear an Annual Equipment Rent equal to the capital costs, including Debt Service Coverage and Port incurred O&M Expenses for each such piece of equipment.
Other Equipment. Except for MSDW Equipment,