The Office Sample Clauses

The Office. The Office shall be at such place in England as the Directors shall from time to time appoint.
The Office. Shabtai shall serve as a CFO of the Company and shall report and be subject to the instructions of the CEO of the Company. All the finance activities in the company will report directly to the CFO.
The Office. Managers shall supervise the Office or, if required by any federal, state, or self-regulatory organization, law, rule or regulation, Managers shall appoint an office manager for the Office acceptable to USTC who shall be an approved person duly registered with the NASD with authority to carry out the supervisory responsibilities assigned to the a Office by USTC. 3.
The Office. The Employee will be hired by the Company in the position of Group President.
The Office. Seller will permit Buyer at no additional cost to use and occupy the Office (along with employees of Seller) until the expiration of Seller's lease on December 31, 1999.
The Office. 3.1. In addition to Executive's employment as CEO of the Subsidiaries, Executive will serve as President & CEO of the Company and shall report to the Board of Directors of the Company, which will be represented by the Chairman of the Company.
The Office. The Chief or his/her designee may suspend Section 1 on a Department wide basis or in an operational unit for a declared emergency, for crime, or for an unanticipated event.
The Office. Natan shall serve as a President of the Company and shall xxxxrt and be subject to the instructions of CEO of the Company.
The Office. Under the authority of Wis. Stat. § 118.40(2x), the Office hereby grants to the Grantee a charter to operate a Charter School under the terms and conditions of this Contract. The Director shall exercise all oversight responsibilities on behalf of the Office as set forth in this Contract. The Director may conduct research as set forth in Article Eight and elsewhere in this Contract or as allowed by Applicable Law.
The Office. ....... The Registered Office for the time being of the Company.