Unusual Circumstances Sample Clauses

Unusual Circumstances. In the event of unusual circumstances such as a major disaster, epidemic, military action, civil disorder, labor disputes or similar causes, KFHPWA will not be liable for administering coverage beyond the limitations of available personnel and facilities. In the event of unusual circumstances such as those described above, KFHPWA will make a good faith effort to arrange for Covered Services through available Network Facilities and personnel. KFHPWA shall have no other liability or obligation if Covered Services are delayed or unavailable due to unusual circumstances.
Unusual Circumstances. If during a contract term where costs to the City are to remain firm or adjustments are restricted by a percentage or CPI cap, unusual circumstances that could not have been foreseen by either party of the contract occur, and those circumstances significantly affect the Contractor’s cost in providing the required prior items or services, then the Contractor may request adjustments to the costs to the City to reflect the changed circumstances. The circumstances must be beyond the control of the Contractor, and the requested adjustments must be fully documented. The City may, after examination, refuse to accept the adjusted costs if they are not properly documented, increases are considered to be excessive, or decreases are considered to be insufficient. In the event the City does not wish to accept the adjusted costs and the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the City, the City will reserve the following options:
Unusual Circumstances. Involves unusual circumstances as described in 23 CFR 771.117(b).
Unusual Circumstances. If Cooperator encounters unusual circumstances that make compliance with the terms of these General Provisions impossible, Cooperator should consult with an Arizona State Forester Representative as to how to accommodate the situation.
Unusual Circumstances. Where unusual circumstances exist regarding a player’s nationality or residency or where a player is only Eligible to represent a non-Member Country, the player may apply for a ruling by the MC that he or she shall be deemed to be Eligible to represent the Country of a named Member. An application is made by contacting the S-G and providing all relevant information.
Unusual Circumstances. When EXIM cannot meet the statutory time limit for processing a request because of “unusual circumstances,” as defined in the FOIA, and extends the time limit on that basis, EXIM must, before expiration of the 20-day period to respond, notify the requester in writing of the unusual circumstances involved and of the date by which EXIM estimates processing of the request will be completed. Where the extension exceeds 10 working days, EXIM must provide the requester with an opportunity to modify the request or arrange an alternative time period for processing the original or modified request. EXIM’s FOIA contact or Public Liaison is available for this purpose. EXIM will also alert requesters to the availability of the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) to provide dispute resolution services.
Unusual Circumstances. Unusual circumstances shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for consideration.
Unusual Circumstances. In the event an unforeseen event prevents an employee from working a regularly scheduled work period, the employee may use personal leave days, compensatory time, vacation days, or the employee's compensation shall be reduced accordingly. In the event that this situation exists, the employee shall notify the District as soon as the situation permits.
Unusual Circumstances. The Superintendent, with the approval of the School Committee, may exempt teachers from salary deductions for situations involving unusual circumstances. A teacher elected to serve with professional status, absent on the first day of a school year due to a personal illness or illness in the immediate family, or to accident, as hereinbefore defined shall be deemed, notwithstanding such absence, to be regularly employed and eligible for the benefits of this section. A teacher without professional status shall not be eligible for said benefits until actual service has been rendered in that year. With the approval of the Superintendent, teachers may be granted two days’ absence during the school year, without loss of salary or sick leave, for the following reasons: imperative religious, legal, or personal obligations which cannot be conducted other than during a school day. The procedure for requesting personal days is as follows: