Machinery and Equipment definition

Machinery and Equipment shall have the meaning specified in Section 1.1(c).
Machinery and Equipment means machinery used in manufacturing establishments and computers except point-of-sale equipment as defined in Iowa Code section 427A.1. The term does not include computer software.
Machinery and Equipment means machinery and equipment used by a manufacturer. Machinery is any mechanical, electrical, or electronic device designed and used to perform some function and to produce a certain effect or result. The term includes not only the basic unit of the machinery, but also any adjunct or attachment necessary for the basic unit to accomplish its intended function. The term also includes all devices used or required to control, regulate, or operate a piece of machinery, provided such devices are directly connected with or are an integral part of the machinery and are used primarily for control, regulation, or operation of machinery. Jigs, dies, tools, and other devices necessary to the operation of or used in conjunction with the operation of what would be ordinarily thought of as machinery are also considered to be “machinery.” See Deere Manufacturing Co. v. Zeiner, 247 Iowa 1264, 78 N.W.2d 527 (1956). Also see the definition ofreplacement parts” infra. Machinery does not include buildings designed specifically to house or support machinery. Equipment is any tangible personal property used in an operation or activity. Nonexclusive examples of equipment are tables on which property is assembled on an assembly line and chairs used by assembly line workers.

Examples of Machinery and Equipment in a sentence

  • Machinery and equipment shall be maintained and washed in confined areas specifically designed to control runoff.

  • Machinery and equipment is inspected and tested to ensure it remains in a safe condition.

  • Machinery and equipment of the VESSEL, whether made or furnished by the BUILDER under this CONTRACT, may bear the patent numbers, trademarks, or trade names of the manufacturers.

  • Machinery and equipment owned by the Contractor shall be charged according to the latest edition of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) Contractors Equipment Manual.

  • Machinery and equipment used to maintain healthful or sanitary conditions in the immediate area where livestock are kept (e.g., manure gutter cleaners, automatic cattle oilers, fans, and heaters if not real property).

More Definitions of Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment means machinery, equipment, tooling, vehicles, furniture and fixtures, leasehold improvements, repair parts, tools, plant, laboratory and office equipment and supplies, computer hardware and software, computer networking equipment, engineering and design equipment, test equipment and other tangible personal property (other than tangible personal property included in other categories of assets in the definition of "Assets"), together with any rights or claims arising out of maintenance or service contracts relating thereto or the breach of any express or implied warranty by the manufacturers or sellers of any of such assets or any component part thereof.
Machinery and Equipment means industrial fixtures, devices, and support facilities, and tangible personal property that becomes an ingredient or component thereof, including repair parts and replacement parts. "Machinery and equipment" includes pollution control equipment installed and used in a manufacturing operation, testing operation, or research and development operation to prevent air pollution, water pollution, or contamination that might otherwise result from the manufacturing operation, testing operation, or research and development operation. "Machinery and equipment" also includes digital goods.
Machinery and Equipment means all industrial and research
Machinery and Equipment means the tangible personal property used in connection with a qualified research program, and which has been approved for a tax credit under rules and regulations prescribed by the Department of Finance and Administration.
Machinery and Equipment has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(b).
Machinery and Equipment means materials, devices, fittings, installations, appliances, apparatus and tanks other than tanks used exclusively for storage, including supporting foundations and footings and any other thing prescribed by the Minister that forms an integral part of an operational unit intended for or used in
Machinery and Equipment means all machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures (including, by way of example, all dies, jigs, and tooling), owned, used or held for use or planned to be used or held for use in connection with the design, development, manufacture, operation, sale or use of any Product.