Prescription Safety Glasses definition

Prescription Safety Glasses. As per the memorandum of settlement, dated August 22, 2002, the Company will bear the costs associated with the purchase of prescription safety glasses and prescription changes provided they are purchased through a Company directed supplier.
Prescription Safety Glasses. Prescription safety glass lenses shall be replaced as required by a prescription change to a maximum once per year.
Prescription Safety Glasses. As per the memorandum of settlement, dated August the Company will bear the costs associated with the purchase of prescription safety glasses and prescription changes provided they are purchased through a Company directed supplier. Union Leaves of Absence Associates will continue to accrue seniority while on Union leaves of absence but credited years of service and vesting will be based on conformance with the appropriate provisions of the pension plan. Rights Training The Company and the Union will put together a training session requiring joint facilitation at every new hire orientation. One (1) hour of mandatory annual training will be jointly conducted on site thereafter.

Examples of Prescription Safety Glasses in a sentence

  • Effective July 29, 2001, Prescription Safety Glasses frames may be changed once every three (3) years, with a maximum of $150 per frame.

  • The remaining cost of the Prescription Safety Glasses (if any) will be made by payroll deduction.

  • Prescription Safety Glasses The provision of prescription safety glasses as agreed by the joint Administration Council on 27 May 2016 shall apply.

  • The County shall provide reimbursement up to a maximum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) toward the cost of Prescription Safety Glasses for those employees required to wear the same as per New York Public Employee Safety and Health program.

  • Prescription Safety Glasses proven to the Company to be damaged on the job, will be replaced by the Company at no cost to the employee.

  • SECTION The Company agrees to provide Employees with the initial pair of approved Prescription Safety Glasses and a maximum of one replacement pair of approved Prescription Safety Glasses per year to a maximum value of One Hundred Dollars per pair, at no cost to the Employee.

  • Prescription Safety Glasses Bid Process - This purchase will be up for for DRPA competitive bid in October 2012.

  • For employees requiring prescription safety glasses, the employee will utilize the company benefits and the Tool & Personal Protective Equipment Allowance will be utilized to cover all Prescription Safety Glasses.

  • Prescription Safety Glasses: Prescription safety glass lenses shall be replaced as required by a prescription change to a maximum once per year.

  • PPE related to eye, face, and foot protection must comply with the agency’s Prescription Safety Glasses and Protective Footwear Policy.

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