Employees working Sample Clauses

Employees working a second or third shift shall receive a shift differential in accordance with the provisions of Article 8.
Employees working. Fifteen (15)
Employees working with carbon and/or graphite materials shall be paid a premium of Fifty-Five Cents (55¢) per hour earned over the prescribed basic refractory rate as set out in (a) above.
Employees working on the second shift shall be paid a shift premium of fifty cents per hour and employees working on the third shift shall be paid a shift premium of sixty five cents per hour.
Employees working a full-time shift shall be entitled to a meal period not to exceed one (1) hour at a time designated by the appropriate administrator.
Employees working full-time during the academic year and part-time during the summer shall receive vacation time as if they were twelve (12)-month full-time employees and shall receive vacation pay during the time(s) they take vacation days. For employees working a four (4)-day work week, each vacation day taken will be deducted and paid at a rate of 1-1/4 full-time days. For employees working a five (5)-day work week, each vacation day taken will be deducted and paid at the rate of one (1) full-time day. For payroll purposes, time cards shall indicate vacation taken in hours.
Employees working under the terms of this agreement shall install all electrical work in a safe and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the Employer’s direction.
Employees working. Eight (8)
Employees working a full school year may use up to seven (7) days of accumulated sick leave for personal necessity, provided the number of personal necessity days does not exceed the number of days of unused sick leave.
Employees working. 4-6 consecutive hours per day, one (1) 15 minute break.