Safety Rules Sample Clauses

Safety Rules. 5.01 The safety rules of the State having jurisdiction shall be observed by the parties hereto. It is recognized that the Employer has the exclusive responsibility for providing a safe and healthful workplace. To assist the Employer in maintaining an effective and continuing safety program, a permanent Joint Safety Committee shall be established, consisting of two (2) members from the Union and two (2) members from the Employers, who shall meet at regular times to administer educational instructions, investigate serious accidents, and to draft appropriate safety rules. Such rules as adopted by this committee, shall become a part of this Agreement.
Safety Rules. The Employer retains the right to establish work safety and health rules. When such rules are established, the OSTA will be notified pursuant to Article 21.01.
Safety Rules. The Employer retains the right to establish work safety and health rules. When such rules are established, the Labor Council will be notified. The parties recognize the responsibility of bargaining unit members to carry out directives. An employee shall not be disciplined for a good faith refusal to engage in an alleged unsafe or dangerous practice which is in violation of applicable Federal, State, Departmental and Local safety laws, rules and regulations. In the event that a disagreement arises between an employee and his/her supervisor concerning the question of whether or not a particular directive is in violation of applicable laws, rules and regulations, the matter shall be referred to the appropriate management designee for resolution. The directive shall not be resumed until the management designee deems this directive in compliance with appropriate laws, rules and regulations. Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing an employee from grieving the management designee’s decision.
Safety Rules. The Company reserves the right to establish reasonable accident prevention and safety rules for employees, and to enforce the observance of such rules.
Safety Rules. The Employer and Union agree that the safety and health of all employees is a matter of highest importance, and that each will promote and encourage safety in all occupational matters in an effort to prevent injury. The Union agrees that careful observation of safe working practices and Employer safety rules is a primary responsibility of all employees. The Employer agrees that there will be uniform enforcement of such rules with respect to employees similarly situated. Employees who fail to follow safety rules or cause other employees not to follow them may receive disciplinary action. The Employer will not assign any employee to engage in activity in violation of applicable safety laws and regulations. Ongoing safety and health matters shall be referred to the Labor-Management Committee.
Safety Rules. The ENGINEER hereby acknowledges that it has reviewed and agrees to abide by the City’s “Safety and Environmental Requirements for Contractorslocated on the Employee Safety page of the City’s website, the specific address for which is: