Fire Services definition

Fire Services means services in the prevention and suppression of fire, homeland security response, hazardous materials response, rescue, fire marshal, and medical first-responder services.
Fire Services means the provision of fire protection, prevention, inspection and investigation, as well as rescue work and providing emergency care for those injured in connection with incidents such as traffic accidents.
Fire Services means services provided by the East Hawkesbury fire department to Champlain and shall include, but are not restricted to firefighting, fire alarms and medical calls.

Examples of Fire Services in a sentence

  • Tenderers should note that the tenant is required to appoint its own Authorized Person and Registered Structural Engineer for any structural works that require any revised building plan submission to HA’s Independent Checking Unit (ICU) and the Fire Services Department (FSD) for licensing application.

  • ACCUG provides a multitude of local and state funded services, which includes, but is not limited to, Public Safety, Utility, Courts, Corrections, Tax and Fire Services.

  • The Permit Holder shall provide and maintain in proper and serviceable condition fire fighting equipment to the satisfaction of the Government Representative and comply with any directions issued by the Buildings Department or the Fire Services Department in connection with the Permit Area.

  • The Owner performing maintenance on critical infrastructure, such as private watermains and private fire hydrants, shall maintain adequate records as proof of having done so in accordance with applicable regulations, and that the records shall be retained for review by the City and or the Ottawa Fire Services when requested.

  • Copies of the inspection reports and videos shall be provided to the General Manager, Public Works and Environmental Services and Fire Services.

More Definitions of Fire Services

Fire Services means services related to the suppression or prevention of fires, rescue and emergency services and other activities of a fire fighter;
Fire Services means those aspects of fire safety as Council may from time to time authorize the Fire Department to perform, including but not limited to firefighting, fire suppression, pre-fire planning, investigation, public education, public training, Member training and development, dissemination of fire safety information, rescue and emergency services, and the delivery of all those services.
Fire Services means the City of Greater Sudbury Fire Services; “Fire Protection Services” includes:
Fire Services means the fire fighting and emergency response service as established and organized for Municipal District of Smoky River No. 130 pursuant to the provisions of this bylaw consisting of, inter alia, all persons appointed to the various positions described herein, all equipment, apparatus, materials, and supplies used in the operation, maintenance, and administration of the firefighting services, including Municipal District fire halls.
Fire Services has the same meaning as the expression Essential Service under the Local Government (Approvals) Regulation 1993 or under the Building Code of Australia (as applicable to the Building) and includes any certificate, report, upgrading or annual certification in relation to any such service.
Fire Services means that the KFD will provide the same declared operational service level in accordance with the Office of the Fire Commissioner’s Competency and Training Playbook to the identified contracted area for those fire suppression services typically provided by the KFD in response to an Alarm and does not include wildfire or interface fire suppression to land on which there are no improvements capable of sheltering or supporting a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional use or occupancy.
Fire Services means a department established and organized by the County to provide Fire Protection and the fire departments identified in Section 3.2 as providing Fire Protection to specific Fire Protection Areas under agreement with the County, and shall include all Members.