MONIES DUE Sample Clauses

MONIES DUE. Lessee shall pay the Reservation Deposit upon reservation of the Premises. The Total Amount Due shall be due and paid in full at least ninety (90) days before the Check In Date, Lessee shall have no rights to occupy, check in or receive keys to the Premises until Rental Agent has received the Total Amount Due.
MONIES DUE. The party's obligation to pay all invoices to each other shall survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement, and termination of this Agreement shall be without prejudice to any other remedies the parties may have hereunder or under applicable law. Upon termination of this Agreement, any monies otherwise due and owing to a party shall be first offset against any indebtedness whatsoever owing that party.
MONIES DUE. Xxxxxx as set forth herein, ToolTrust, IDMD, and Gordon waive all claims for any amount due from LocalToolbox, ClearDixxxx, Evans, Robbins, and Girvan, or any of them. Except as set forth herein, LocalToolbox, ClearDialog, Evans, Robbins, and Girvan waive all claims for any amount due from ToolTrust, IDMD, and Gordon, or any of them.
MONIES DUE. The Contractor shall not assign the whole or any part of this Contract or any monies due or to become due hereunder without the written consent of the Owner. In case the Contractor assigns all or part of the monies due or to become due under this Contract, the instrument of assignment shall contain a clause substantially to the effect that it is agreed that the right of the assignee in and to any monies due or to become due to the Contractor shall be subject to prior liens of all persons, firms, and corporations for services rendered or materials supplied for the performance of the work called for in this Contract.
MONIES DUE. Lessee shall pay the Reservation Deposit upon reservation of the Premises. The Total Amount Due shall be due and paid in full at least thirty (30) days before the Check In Date. Lessee shall have no rights to occupy, check in or receive keys to the Premises until Rental Agent has received the Total Amount Due. Reservation Deposit $ (“Reservation Deposit”) Balance of Rent Due $ (“Total Rent”) Plus: applicable taxes… $ (“Taxes”) Plus: Security deposit $ (“Security Deposit”)
MONIES DUE represent monies due for services rendered or products sold in the ordinary course of business; and

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  • Name of Fund The Fund may use any name derived from the name "Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx & Xxxxx", if it elects to do so, only for so long as this Agreement, any other Investment Advisory Agreement between you and the Corporation or any extension, renewal or amendment hereof or thereof remains in effect, including any similar agreement with any organization which shall have succeeded to your business as investment adviser. At such time as such an agreement shall no longer be in effect, the Fund will (to the extent that it lawfully can) cease to use such a name or any other name indicating that it is advised by or otherwise connected with you or any organization which shall have so succeeded to your business.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen The undersigned refers to the Credit Agreement and hereby gives you irrevocable notice, pursuant to Section [2.2] [2.5] [2.7(a)] of the Credit Agreement, of the borrowing of a [Term Loan][Revolving Loan][Swingline Loan].

  • General Administration 13.1 The Managers shall handle and settle all claims arising out of the Management Services hereunder and keep the Owners informed regarding any incident of which the Managers become aware which gives or may give rise to claims or disputes involving third parties.

  • Authorized Signatories A certificate, signed by the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Company and dated the date of this First Amendment, as to the incumbency of the person or persons authorized to execute and deliver this First Amendment and any instrument or agreement required hereunder on behalf of the Company.

  • RECEIPT AND PUBLICATION OF NOTICES 11.1 Immediately after it receives a demand or notice from any Noteholder in accordance with the Conditions, the Agent shall forward a copy to the Issuer.

  • Format and Signing of Tender 19.1 The Tenderer shall prepare one original of the documents comprising the Tender as described in ITT 11 and clearly mark it “ORIGINAL.” Alternative Tenders, if permitted in accordance with ITT 12, shall be clearly marked “ALTERNATIVE.” In addition, the Tenderer shall submit copies of the Tender, in the number specified in the TDS and clearly mark them “COPY.” In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the copies, the original shall prevail.

  • GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND LIMITATIONS Competitive Supplier is hereby granted the exclusive right to provide All-Requirements Power Supply to Participating Consumers pursuant to the terms of the Program and this ESA. For the avoidance of doubt, Competitive Supplier shall be authorized to supply All-Requirements Power Supply only to Participating Consumers, and the Local Distributor will continue to have the right and obligation to supply electricity to Eligible Consumers who opt-out of the Program and remain on, or return to, Basic Service, until changes in law, regulation or policy may allow otherwise. Competitive Supplier further recognizes that this ESA does not guarantee that any individual Eligible Consumer will be served by the Competitive Supplier. In accordance with Article 3 below, all Eligible Consumers shall be automatically enrolled in the Program unless they choose to opt-out. In the event the geographic boundaries of the Town change during the term of this ESA, Competitive Supplier shall only be obligated to supply All- Requirements Service to those Participating Consumers located within the Town as such boundaries existed on the Effective Date of this ESA. As between the Parties, the Competitive Supplier has the sole obligation of making appropriate arrangements with the Local Distributor, and any arrangements which may be necessary with the ISO-NE so that Participating Consumers receive the electricity supplies to be delivered pursuant to this ESA. The Town shall specifically authorize the Local Distributor to provide, and Competitive Supplier the right to obtain and utilize as required, all billing and energy consumption information for Participating Consumers as is reasonably available from the Local Distributor. Competitive Supplier shall request consumption data for individual Participating Consumers from the Local Distributor via EDI. If further action is required by the Local Distributor to authorize Competitive Supplier to receive such consumption and billing data, the Town agrees to use Commercially Reasonable efforts, at Competitive Supplier’s cost, to assist Competitive Supplier, if so requested by it, in obtaining such information for Participating Consumers, including, without limitation, assisting Competitive Supplier in obtaining permission from such Eligible Consumers and/or the Department, where necessary as a prerequisite to the provision of such information. Competitive Supplier shall not be responsible for any errors that Competitive Supplier makes in the provision of All-Requirements Power Supply to the extent such errors are caused by errors or omissions in the information provided to it by the Local Distributor.

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxxx and Presentment The Service includes a feature that electronically presents you with electronic bills from select Billers. Electronic bills may not be available from all of your Billers. Electronic bills are provided as a convenience only, and you remain solely responsible for contacting your Billers directly if you do not receive their statements. In addition, if you elect to activate one of the Service's electronic bill options, you also agree to the following:

  • SBC-12STATE and CLEC shall each be responsible for one-half (1/2) of expenses payable to a Third Party for Commission fees or other charges (including regulatory fees and any costs of notice or publication, but not including attorney’s fees) associated with the filing of this agreement.