SAFETY AND HEALTH. 15.1 The Council shall continue to make all reasonable provisions for the occupational safety and health of employees. The Council will welcome suggestions on the subject from the Association and the parties undertake to consult with a view to adopting and expeditiously carrying out reasonable procedures and techniques designed or intended to prevent or reduce the risk of employment injury.
SAFETY AND HEALTH. (a) The Employer shall make reasonable provisions for the safety and health of its employees during the hours of their employment.
SAFETY AND HEALTH. Section 17.1 The Employer and the Union will cooperate in the communication and enforcement of safety rules and regulations for the purpose of providing a safe and healthful working environment. Departments shall maintain on-going viable safety programs for this purpose. The Cardinal Rules of Safety (Personnel Policies and Procedures 903, also attached hereto as Appendix E) are the foundation for a safe workplace. The Cardinal Rules of Safety and any other City Personnel Policies and Procedures referenced in this Agreement are not negotiated terms but are rights of the Employer referenced in Article 2 of this Agreement. Violations of established safety rules and regulations may be subject to disciplinary action. The Employer and the Union insist on the observation of safety rules, regulations and procedures, as specified in the Safety and Health Manual of the City of Tulsa.
SAFETY AND HEALTH. 19.1 It is to the mutual benefit of the Employer and the employees that safe work practices are followed. The Employer, Employee and Union have a significant responsibility for workplace safety and health.
SAFETY AND HEALTH. 36:01 The Employer shall in accordance with the objects and purposes of the Workplace Safety and Health Act:
SAFETY AND HEALTH. Section 1. The Company and the Union will cooperate in the continuing objective to eliminate accidents and health hazards. The Company shall make reasonable provisions for the safety and health of its employees at the Research Department. The Company, the Union and the employees recognize their obligations and/or rights under existing federal and state laws with respect to safety and health matters. Where devices which emit ionizing radiation are used, the Company will continue to maintain safety standards with respect to such devices not less rigid than those adopted from time to time by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and will maintain procedures designed to safeguard employees and will instruct them as to safe working procedures involving such devices. Where the Company uses toxic materials, it shall inform the affected employees what hazards, if any, are involved, and what precautions shall be taken to insure the safety and health of the employees. Upon the request of the Union members of the JHSLT, the Company shall provide copies of material safety data sheets or their equivalent on toxic substances to which employees are exposed in the work place; provided that when the information is considered pro- prietary, the Company shall so advise the Union members and provide sufficient information for the Union to make further inquiry. The Company will continue its program of periodic in-Research Department air sampling and noise testing under the direction of qualified personnel. Where the Union members of the JHSLT allege a significant on-the-job health hazard due to facility air pollution, or noise, the Company will also make such additional tests and investigations as are necessary and shall notify the Union members of JHSLT when such a test is to take place. A report based on such additional tests and investigations shall be reviewed and discussed with the Union members of the JHSLT. For such surveys conducted at the request of the Union members of the JHSLT, a written summary of the sampling and testing results and the conclusions of the investigation shall be provided to the Union committee members. The Company shall provide adequate first aid for all employees during their working hours. An employee who, as a result of an industrial accident, is unable to return to his/her assigned job for the balance of the shift on which he/she was injured will be paid for any wages lost on that shift.