AND REGULATIONS. It is understood that should a death occur during or after the Compassionate Care leave, the Compassionate Care leave would end and the employee shall be eligible for bereavement leave as per sub-article 17.04 of this Agreement.
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AND REGULATIONS. 16.1 This AGREEMENT shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of the state of Connecticut except where the federal laws of the United States are applicable and have precedence.
AND REGULATIONS. All the parties shall abide by and guarantee their operations to comply with all the laws and regulations officially promulgated and publicly available.
AND REGULATIONS. If changes are made to the District’s evaluation instrument and evaluation procedure, the Board will collaborate with the Association in formulating and approving the new instrument and procedure.
AND REGULATIONS. 2. In accordance with the federal regulations as stated above, Subrecipient shall:
AND REGULATIONS. Any requirement that a Homeless Person relocate themselves or their personal 7 property from Public Property and/or Enforcement of the Anti-Camping Ordinances and Regulations 8 against a Homeless Person will be preceded by notice to Plaintiffs’ counsel, contacts with Outreach and
AND REGULATIONS. Each employee will abide by all applicable laws and regulations governing the operation of a school cafeteria in the State of Connecticut relating to sanitation, nutrition, safety and health.
AND REGULATIONS. Change section 3(l) to:
AND REGULATIONS. It is acknowledged that the City has the right to establish and maintain reasonable orders, rules and regulations (including policies) governing the conduct, duties and methods of operation of the employeescovered by this Agreement, provided same are not inconsistent with the provision of this Agreement. The provisions of any administrative order, rule or regulation made by the City, both present and future, are subject to and superseded by the provisions of this and any collateral agreement between the City and the Union. The Union hereby expressly confirms that it has not agreed nor does it agree that any past or present provision of any administrative order, rule or regulation or similar unilateral rule governing the conduct, duties and methods of operation of the employees covered by this Agreement conforms with the requirement of the (1965, either in the past or at the present. The City hereby expressly confirms that it has not, nor does it agree that the case has any app- lication to any administrative order, rule or regulation of the City. The City agrees to consult the Union before any change is made in any present administrative order, rule or regulation governing the Fire Department.
AND REGULATIONS. Nothing in this Agreement shall be so construed as to affect the obligations of the signatories under the Canada Shipping Act or other Government legislation. nor to impair in any manner whatsoever the authority of the Master.