WORKING CONDITIONS. In order to effectively resolve workload issues, please provide details about the working conditions at the time of occurrence by providing the following information: Regular Staffing #: RN RPN PSW Clerks & Other Actual Staffing #: RN RPN PSW Clerks & Other Agency/Registry RN: Yes No And how many? Junior Staff*: Yes No And how many? RN RPN PSW Temp RNs RN Staff Overtime: Yes No If yes, how many staff? Total Hours: *as defined by your unit/floor/pod If there was a shortage of staff at the time of the occurrence, (including support staff) please check one or all of the following that apply: Absence/Emergency Leave Sick Call(s) Vacancies Management Support available on site? Yes No On Standby? Yes No On Call? Yes No Did they respond? Yes No Did they resolve the issue? Yes No Charge nurses (CN) are not held accountable for the actions of others, they are accountable for their actions in relation to others (“Nurse in Charge”, CNO Communique, Sept. 2002). Were you working in a Charge Nurse Leadership Role? Yes No
WORKING CONDITIONS. 4.1 Working conditions during the term of this Agreement shall be as outlined in this Agreement and in Negotiated Policies and Practices and Mid-Term Agreement2 except such Mid-Term Agreements as are agreed obsolete by the parties. In addition, the general environmental privileges surrounding an employee shall also be considered as working conditions. These privileges would include such things as wash-up time, transportation facilities, safety appliances, general safety or health precautions.
WORKING CONDITIONS. 10.01 The Union will co-operate with the Employer in maintaining good working conditions.
WORKING CONDITIONS. Section 1. Members of the bargaining unit shall not be required to wash and maintain official cars assigned to individual members of the Department.
WORKING CONDITIONS. 11.01 A heated area for eating meals (apart and separate from the work area) and adequate sanitary facilities shall be provided on each jobsite.
WORKING CONDITIONS. 9.1 For purposes of this agreement, working conditions are categorized into those pertaining to professional matters and those involving the health, safety, and security of members.
WORKING CONDITIONS. (a) The Employer will endeavour to ensure that employees are not subjected to undue noise, heat, cold or dust as a result of construction or maintenance of the Employer's premises. The Employer will endeavour to arrange for work which would cause these conditions to be performed outside of the normal working hours of employees covered by this Agreement.