The Union Agrees Sample Clauses

The Union Agrees a. To provide to Rutgers evidence that COPE is properly registered as required by applicable law, complies with reporting requirements imposed by law and makes contributions only in compliance with applicable legal standards.
The Union Agrees. (a) to refund to the Company any amounts paid to the Union in error, on account of the check-off provision;
The Union Agrees. A. It will work in good faith with the City to reach consensus on the best means for resolving issues.
The Union Agrees. (a) That it will loan to the Employer UNION STORE CARDS NO. to remain the property of the said UNION and to be surrendered upon demand, and to promote and advertise the welfare of the Employers business as an Employer of UNION LABOR among the various UNIONS and their AUXILIARIES in this Locality.
The Union Agrees. (a) to furnish the Employer with a list of its Negotiating Committee Members, but the said Committee is to be comprised of not more than four (4) members, and
The Union Agrees a) to furnish the Employerwith a list of its Negotiating Committee Members, the said Committee is to be comprised of the Unit Vice President plus not more than three
The Union Agrees tb indemnify and hold the Employer harmless against any and all claims, suits, orders or judgment brought or issued against the Employer as a result of any action taken or not taken by the