The Union Agrees Sample Clauses

The Union Agrees. A. It will work in good faith with the City to reach consensus on the best means for resolving issues.
The Union Agrees. (a) to furnish the Employer with a list of its Negotiating Committee Members, but the said Committee is to be comprised of not more than two (2) members and one (1) alternate member when necessary; and
The Union Agrees. (a) That it will loan to the Employer UNION STORE CARDS NO. to remain the property of the said UNION and to be surrendered upon demand, and to promote and advertise the welfare of the Employers business as an Employer of UNION LABOR among the various UNIONS and their AUXILIARIES in this Locality.
The Union Agrees a) to furnish the Employerwith a list of its Negotiating Committee Members, the said Committee is to be comprised of the Unit Vice President plus not more than three

Related to The Union Agrees

  • Transition Agreement The Parties will enter into a written agreement (the “Transition Agreement”) that would effectuate the terms and conditions of this Section 3.3(g) and would include other reasonable terms and conditions, including terms allocating costs and expenses, describing the Parties’ indemnification obligations, setting forth the Parties’ obligations with respect to unauthorized sales, and setting forth other coordination obligations. If, despite such efforts, the Parties are unable to agree upon such terms and conditions within [***] from the effective date of the opt-out, either Party may refer the dispute for resolution by arbitration in accordance with Section 17.1, and the arbitrator has the authority to require the Parties to execute a Transition Agreement in the form approved by the arbitrator.

  • Arbitration Agreement (OPTIONAL) - Every dispute between Customer and DWR arising out of or relating to the making or performance of this Agreement or any transaction pursuant to this Agreement, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules, then in effect, of the National Futures Association, the contract market upon which the transaction giving rise to the claim was executed, or the National Association of Securities Dealers as Customer may elect. If Customer does not make such election by registered mail addressed to DWR at 130 Liberty Street, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10006; Attention: Deputy General Counsel, within 45 days after demand by DWR that the Customer make such election, then DWR may make such election. DWR agrees to pay any incremental fees which may be assessed by a qualified forum for making available a "mixed panel" of arbitrators, unless the arbitrators determine that Customer has acted in bad faith in initiating or conducting the proceedings. Judgment upon any award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. IN ADDITION TO FOREIGN FORUMS, THREE FORUMS EXIST FOR THE RESOLUTION OF COMMODITY DISPUTES: CIVIL COURT LITIGATION, REPARATIONS AT THE COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION ("CFTC") AND ARBITRATION CONDUCTED BY A SELF-REGULATORY OR OTHER PRIVATE ORGANIZATION. THE CFTC RECOGNIZES THAT THE OPPORTUNITY TO SETTLE DISPUTES BY ARBITRATION MAY IN SOME CASES PROVIDE MANY BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS, INCLUDING THE ABILITY TO OBTAIN AN EXPEDITIOUS AND FINAL RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES WITHOUT INCURRING SUBSTANTIAL COSTS. THE CFTC REQUIRES, HOWEVER, THAT EACH CUSTOMER INDIVIDUALLY EXAMINE THE RELATIVE MERITS OF ARBITRATION AND THAT YOUR CONSENT TO THIS ARBITRATION AGREEMENT BE VOLUNTARY. BY SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT, YOU (1) MAY BE WAIVING YOUR RIGHT TO SUE IN A COURT OF LAW AND (2) ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY ARBITRATION OF ANY CLAIMS OR COUNTERCLAIMS WHICH YOU OR DWR MAY SUBMIT TO ARBITRATION UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. YOU ARE NOT, HOWEVER, WAIVING YOUR RIGHT TO ELECT INSTEAD TO PETITION THE CFTC TO INSTITUTE REPARATIONS PROCEEDINGS UNDER SECTION 14 OF THE COMMODITY EXCHANGE ACT WITH RESPECT TO ANY DISPUTE WHICH MAY BE ARBITRATED PURSUANT TO THIS AGREEMENT. IN THE EVENT A DISPUTE ARISES, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF DWR INTENDS TO SUBMIT THE DISPUTE TO ARBITRATION. IF YOU BELIEVE A VIOLATION OF THE COMMODITY EXCHANGE ACT IS INVOLVED AND IF YOU PREFER TO REQUEST A SECTION 14 "REPARATIONS" PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE CFTC, YOU WILL HAVE 45 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF SUCH NOTICE IN WHICH TO MAKE THAT ELECTION.

  • Settlement Agreement a. Any settlement reached in the Mediation will not be legally binding until it has been reduced to writing and signed by, or on behalf of, each of the Parties.