Safety Committees Sample Clauses

Safety Committees. CSEA shall have the right to appoint members to the District and campus safety committees. The number of appointments to which CSEA is entitled for any such committee shall not be less than the number of faculty appointments to the committee.
Safety Committees. A. Safety committees will consist of employees selected by the Union and Employer selected members. The number of union-designated employee representatives on the committee(s) will be proportionate to the number of employees represented by the Union at the permanent work location. Meetings will be conducted in accordance with WAC 296-800-13020. Committee recommendations will be forwarded to the appropriate appointing authority for review and action, as necessary. The appointing authority or designee will report follow-up action/information to the safety committee.
Safety Committees. The parties will encourage their members to work in a safe manner, will support efforts to change unsafe work habits of employees and recognize that disciplinary action may be imposed for just cause in matters involving violations of safety rules and procedures. To that end safety committees shall be established within the various operations of the City. Each committee shall be composed of five (5) representatives, two (2) representatives designated by the City, two (2) by the Unions, and a fifth picked by the four (4) representatives. The committee shall assist, make recommendations to and cooperate with a safety representative of the City, who shall be an ex-officio member of such committee. The employees designated for this committee shall be employees who have knowledge of practices of the operations and who have worked for the City a minimum of one (1) year. The functions of such committee shall be advisory only. Committees in the City's maintenance and field operations work units shall meet once a month with minutes of meeting prepared by management and a copy thereof furnished to the Unions. Other committees shall meet as necessary. Committee members shall serve a term of one (1) year or until replaced, but may not serve more than five (5) consecutive years.
Safety Committees. The Union will designate an employee from its represented units to serve on the University-wide safety committee. In the event the University forms additional safety committees or sub-committees with responsibility for areas in which Union employees are working, the Union will be permitted to select a representative from its units to sit on any such committee. Safety committee meetings will be conducted in accordance with WAC 296-800- 13020.
Safety Committees. The bargaining unit may propose a list of candidates for participation on each Agency's Safety Committee from which a maximum of two (2), except for Pendleton Cottage which will have a maximum of one (1), which shall be appointed to serve. The Safety Committee shall consider the safety needs of the staff and shall make appropriate recommendations to the Agency.
Safety Committees. 11.06 The Joint Health and Safety Committee shall be established for the Division, which shall be composed of five (5) employees chosen by the Union and five (5) members chosen by the Company. Crew level Health and Safety Committees shall report to the Joint Health and Safety Committee.
Safety Committees. The Safety Committees is intended to provide a forum for the Employer, employees, and the Union to communicate and facilitate the development and active maintenance of issues that arise relative to the safety of the working environment. The Safety Committees will be made up of representatives from the Employer, the Union, and employees in accordance with the Safety & Health Program outlined in the State Administrative Manual (SAM). The Union will be responsible for appointing their representatives to the committee. Safety Committee meetings will be conducted in accordance with the State’s Safety & Health Program through the Risk Management Division. Safety and health concerns should be brought to the appropriate Safety Committee for review, discussion, and possible recommendations for solutions. The Safety Committees is responsible for producing a report of its meetings and submitting them to the Risk Management Division. Safety Committee members are responsible for assisting management in the improvement of safety and health in the workplace by: