The Safety Sample Clauses

The Safety. All Ways Committee shall continue to meet at least quarterly, or more often if necessary. The purpose of the Committee is to discuss safe and healthful working conditions and procedures of the Employer and to encourage all employees to follow said procedures.
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The Safety. Kleen Shareholder has the legal capacity to execute and deliver this Agreement and to perform its obligations under this Agreement. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by the Safety-Kleen Shareholder, and assuming the due authorization, execution and delivery by Acquiror and Merger Sub, this Agreement constitutes the legal, valid and binding obligation of the Safety-Kleen Shareholder, enforceable in accordance with its terms, subject to bankruptcy, insolvency and other applicable Laws affecting creditors’ rights generally and general principles of equity.
The Safety. Stock Warehouse will provide a single location for the consolidation and assembly of special display packs as well as a single location for recouping recalled products.
The Safety. Factor Review shall include a review of the application of analytical methods, guidelines and computer codes used in the Koeberg deterministic safety analysis, and comparison with current standards and requirements. This includes:

Related to The Safety

  • Health and Safety C8.1 The Contractor shall promptly notify the Authority of any health and safety hazards which may arise in connection with the performance of the Contract. The Authority shall promptly notify the Contractor of any health and safety hazards which may exist or arise at the Authority’s Premises and which may affect the Contractor in the performance of the Contract.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety i. Environment, Health and Safety Performance. Seller acknowledges and accepts full and sole responsibility to maintain an environment, health and safety management system ("EMS") appropriate for its business throughout the performance of this Contract. Buyer expects that Seller’s EMS shall promote health and safety, environmental stewardship, and pollution prevention by appropriate source reduction strategies. Seller shall convey the requirement of this clause to its suppliers. Seller shall not deliver goods that contain asbestos mineral fibers.

  • Environment, Health, and Safety 24.4.1. The Supplier and its staff (and/or any sub-supplier and/or subcontractor) shall comply with the laws and regulations in force related to protection of the environment, the health and safety instructions applicable to the Goods and Services performed pursuant to the Contract and especially, if appropriate, to the Goodsand Services performedon any Site by a third company.

  • Waste and Nuisance The Lessee shall not commit, or suffer to be committed, any waste on the leased premises, nor shall he maintain, commit, or permit the maintenance or commission of any nuisance on the leased premises.

  • SAFETY AND HEALTH 20.1 The Employer, employee and Union have a significant responsibility for workplace safety and health.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Laws There does not exist any violation by the Borrower or any Subsidiary of any applicable federal, state or local law, rule or regulation or order of any government, governmental department, board, agency or other instrumentality relating to environmental, pollution, health or safety matters which will or threatens to impose a material liability on the Borrower or a Subsidiary or which would require a material expenditure by the Borrower or such Subsidiary to cure. Neither the Borrower nor any Subsidiary has received any notice to the effect that any part of its operations or properties is not in material compliance with any such law, rule, regulation or order or notice that it or its property is the subject of any governmental investigation evaluating whether any remedial action is needed to respond to any release of any toxic or hazardous waste or substance into the environment, the consequences of which non-compliance or remedial action could constitute an Adverse Event.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Matters (a) The Company has complied and is in compliance with all Environmental, Health, and Safety Requirements.

  • No Waste The Lessee shall not commit or suffer to be committed any waste on, in or under the Leased Property, nor shall the Lessee cause or permit any nuisance thereon.

  • Safety Where an employee is prevented from working at the employee’s particular function as a result of unsafe conditions caused by the inclement weather, the employee may be transferred to other work in the employee’s classification on site, until the unsafe conditions are rectified. Where such alternative is not available and until the unsafe conditions are rectified, the employee shall remain on site. The employee shall be paid for such time without reduction of the employees’ inclement weather entitlement.

  • Environmental Protection Except as set forth in Schedule 5.13 annexed hereto:

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